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4 Common Personal Injury Lawsuits: And How to Win

You're hit by someone who doesn't check his blind spots while driving, or a work accident leads to a major injury, or you simply slip, fall, and break your leg in a store parking lot. Injuries happen every day, and while that may seem scary, remember your rights when an accident occurs. If someone is at fault, if you suffer severe physical and/or mental injury, if you get billed for $20,000 by the hospital, you have a right to compensation. We went over some of the common injuries, but let's go into more detail.

Car Accidents
There are thousands of car accidents every day. The numbers can be scary. And remember every state gets hundreds of injuries and deaths related to drinking and driving. There are many who simply should not be on the road, or are busy texting and forget to stop. These things happen, and if you get hurt, you have legal protection.

Slip and Fall
Slip and fall injuries are also very common. If you are in a northern state, ice is a reality. And everywhere it rains is potential for a slip and fall. Simply because you made the wrong decision to step on ice, water, or an object, does not mean you have no legal claim. The owner of the property should have kept the grounds safe.

Hurt At Work
Being hurt at work can be somewhat fuzzy, as in some jobs, such as construction, you are taking some risks by accepting the job. However, once again your rights come into play. No matter your occupation, there is almost always a chance for some sort of accident, whether it's from falling or some other hazard. You may feel odd suing the company who signs your paycheck, but sometimes you must.


Medical malpractice, our final common personal injury case, is also something you may feel odd about. After all, the hospital was trying to help you. But if they give you the wrong medicine or botch an operation, mistakes which simply should not happen, it's important to know your rights. If it can be proven a competent doctor or nurse would not have made the mistake, you have a right to sue.

Can you win?
You always have a chance in a personal injury lawsuit. The clearer that liability is, the better chance you have of winning. Usually, if the evidence is against them, insurers and defendants will offer you a settlement out of court. Few personal injury lawsuits go to court, especially when fault is clear. But you do need a lawyer.

Who can help?

You may just take the first offer and forgo hiring a lawyer. That's your choice, but you may not get an initial offer, or you may be able to get even more money out of this settlement. You simply do not know the value of the claim; an experienced personal injury lawyer does. Fees are minimal when you consider how much you stand to get for a serious injury.