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5 Common Mistakes Doctors and Hospitals Make and When to Claim

Just because a doctor or hospital makes a mistake does not mean you have a right to an injury claim, but there are some mistakes which simply are too big to ignore. This post highlights 5 common mistakes you may have a right to sue for.

If you are diagnosed with an illness late, or if a family member is, this is valuable time being lost. Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis, though seemingly just mistakes, are potentially personal injury claims. If you are given the wrong diagnosis and are being treated incorrectly, you also have many options. Clearly these mistakes could cost you or a family member in a big way.

How do you file a claim? Your opinion on the mistake is small; what matters is what a more competent doctor would have done. If you can prove a more competent doctor could have diagnosed the injury or illness sooner, you can file a claim. Also, during the case, expert witnesses proving your point could make the difference. These things can take time and may seem out of reach, but if you're unsure, you can ask an experienced personal injury lawyer.

There are more childbirth problems than need to be. Unfortunately, mistakes are also made before and during childbirth. For example, negligent prenatal care -- before the child is even born -- can have grave consequences on the child. This could include problems the mother is having prior to birth, and how they were diagnosed and treated. Once in childbirth, there are a variety of mistakes which too often occur. This includes not being ready for a larger child or simply not responding to infant distress.

How do you claim childbirth wrongs? Again, you need to have both proof a competent doctor could have done better, and expert witnesses backing this up.

Medication errors effect over 1 million people every year. Some can be life threatening ... some can injure you physically or mentally and lead to a hospital stay ... and sometimes they can cause lots of discomfort before you find out what the problem is. If the doctor makes mistakes in type of medicine, dosage, and its effects on you,you have the right to an injury claim in many cases.


Surgery mistakes are not common at all. Most doctors are very skilled when it comes to the operating table. Still, mistakes aren't always made by the doctor, and sometimes overworked doctors with expert training can make seemingly small but very dangerous mistakes. For example, your doctor may operate on the wrong injured leg; sadly, it happens. Or while operating they can puncture internal organs.

Anesthesia Errors
Anesthesia errors are far more common then surgery errors, and can be just as dangerous. Improper use of anesthesia -- in terms of amount and the time period -- can lead to permanent physical injuries, such as to your brain or heart.

Filing personal injury claims against doctors and hospitals may seem to be wrong as they're the ones trying to help you, but when it comes to your needs and rights, sometimes you have no chance. If you feel a doctor or hospital made a mistake in diagnosing and treating you, you have the right to an injury claim and should speak with a personal injury lawyer.