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5 Techniques for Maximizing Your Car Injury Claim

Writing is Better than Memory
What you write – and what a police officer writes – can make the difference between winning and losing a personal injury claim. Suffice to say, the more you write, the better. Your memory of what happened may be questioned unless you have clear proof that you wrote down what happened immediately if not shortly after. Say, for example, you were hit while parked, and your head immediately banged against the wheel. You might write where you were parked, what you were doing parked there, how you had no seat belt on, how you felt when your head hit, etc. Of course, it could be difficult if you suffered injury, but if there is any chance you can take field notes or notes an hour later, it can prove your case and maximize your claim.

Choose a Successful Lawyer
Ever go into a job and get questioned on your experience? Why you worked here, how long you worked, what you like about the job, how effective you were – these things correspond to hiring a lawyer too. Look over their legal experience like you would look over a bank you put all your money in. Take your time. Factor in how successful this lawyer has been in winning cases. Beyond winning, consider price and availability.

Make Contact with Witnesses

Often there is enough proof based on witness testimony to effectively maximize your car accident injury claim. If you are driving down a busy road, and someone turns right into you, other drivers can be witnesses, as can pedestrians. Police will likely question anyone available on the scene. You should factor in who was there and get as much info as possible. Getting a police report is also a must.

Know Your Rights
You have rights to a claim if you were hit and hold little to no liability. Even in car accident injury claims where liability is on both sides, the person injured usually has some claim. While you may think forcing others to give you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars may seem wrong if the mistake was minor, it's your right and protects you.

Be Open to Settlements

In car accident injury claims, there will almost always be some offers on the table. Insurers do not like going to court. If you hire a successful lawyer, it's like having a royal flush and pushing your chips in. While this process isn't as fun as poker, you might be able to win before the final cards are dealt. If you get a high offer, consider it, because it can save you time and fees.