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5 Tips on Appealing Personal Injury Lawsuits

You always have a right to appeal a personal injury lawsuit, both as plaintiff (you're the one suing) and as a defendant. This blog guide gives some essential tips on appealing when it comes to the plaintiff appealing for compensation.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to appeal a denial after appearing in state court. Say for example you suffered a major injury after an accident, and lost the ability to work. Because you were at fault, for whatever reason, additional compensation was rejected. And you failed to win the lawsuit to get more damages. While this is just an example, it points out that you won't always be compensated after a serious injury, a least beyond covering your medical costs. In this case, if you can prove that the law was not correctly followed in the original trial, you can win an appeal.

Know How Appeals Court Works
In appeals courts, you do not call defendants and show evidence. You prove that the law was not followed correctly in the original trial. Everything is recorded in trials, from witnesses to police reports. If the judge made decisions which effected your personal injury case, you can sometimes argue they were not lawful decisions. The court process is supposed to be an accurate representation of the laws, but it doesn't always work that way. Your goal, with your lawyer's help, is to prove somehow the laws were not followed. If you can prove this, you have another chance to win.

Is your lawyer good?

If you lost your original case, you may consider hiring a new lawyer. But just losing does not mean your lawyer is inept. However, if you have trouble communicating with your lawyer, if you feel they spent too little time preparing for your case, or if they did not accurately represent your claim, perhaps getting a new one is smart.

What the Lawyer Does
The lawyer will earn his or her in money in proving that the original trial did not follow the laws. His or her best move is the “appellate brief,” where the previous trial is called into question. This is where a personal injury lawyer will earn his or her money. If you can make a strong appellate brief, it can win the appeal for you.

Saving Time

You may not have a case for an appeal. Sometimes plaintiffs try to go all the way to the Supreme Court in order to get compensation. This is your right, but be mindful of the facts. If you can't prove the original trial was wrong, you may want to save the time and money involved. Still, it's your right to appeal, and a lawyer can help you decide.