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5 Tips on the Initial Car Accident Injury Claim

As many can tell you, dealing with auto insurance claims can be frustrating. When an injury is involved, the claim for compensation can be quite high. What you don't know will be gone over here. Some of this you may know, but it's a good refresher for dealing with insurance companies. Let's focus on how settlements begin and end.

Know Liability
Liability is where you begin initially in a car accident claim. It's often decided by police officers who file a report on fault. There may be witnesses to the car accident who can explain fault. Also, there are certain commonsense accident laws where one person clearly made the wrong decision.

Make a Claim Goal
While this may seem difficult, make a offer you won't go lower than. This may cover your medical costs, car repair costs, wages lost, and perhaps more important any pain and suffering from the injury. Where do you begin? This is not something to do yourself. Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer -- you can find one online -- and go over what your offer should be. Remember, your main goal is to get more, but if you have to settle, such as when dealing with a small business, have a benchmark.

Never Accept the First Offer
Insurers never make a good first offer. Well, maybe at times the first offer is fair, but it's rare. You should deny 99% of first offers. Even if they give you a good offer – in your mind – then you should consider countering. You can always go back to this initial number. If proof is clearly on your side, the insurer is working damage control and trying to avoid a costly court battle; use that to your advantage.

Always Demand Reasons for a Low Offer, Reply Accordingly

If you get an offer so low it surprises you, demand to know why. There are a variety of reasons an insurer may give a lower offer than you expect, even when when knowing you'll get a low one. There may be some confusion on liability, for example. If you know why the insurer made such a low offer, your counter offer can reflect any new information and clearly show why you deserve more.

Never Lower Your Number More than Once
The final rule of thumb is that you can negotiate, but only to a certain point. If you back down to demands, you lose credibility, not to mention money. If you must, go to court. If you win any extra court fees can be included in the decision. There is nothing wrong with going to court. While it's rare for most car accident injury claims to reach court, protect your right to proper compensation.

Knowing how to reject and counter offers is a big part of the injury process. You should never do so with an experienced personal injury lawyer. To find one, you can look online. Many offer free case reviews and consultations.