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6 Myths of Personal Injury Claims

Sometimes the truth hurts, and unfortunately, it all too often costs you time and money. When it comes to personal injury law, you're always walking a fine line. You have to speak with a lawyer, a judge, insurance companies, and more. That makes it next to impossible to get through it unscathed ... unless you know exactly what you're getting into when you file a claim. Many myths spread as fast as viruses, but just as many can be seen for what they are.

Myth 1 - You have to sit in court and answer questions.

The good news is, you don't. Most claims are handled far before they enter a court room. If you fear having to sit in front of a judge while being asked personal questions on the nature of your cliam, worry not. The majority of personal injury cases are settled far before you have to step into a court room.

Myth 2 - You paid the insurance, and the insurance company will pay.
Insurance companies are pretty much what you see in books, magazines, and films: businesses. They are looking to cut down on claims, save money, and make money. It would be wrong to say "all insurance companies are dishonest and cheap" but the point is the money. If they feel they can beat you, they may try to. If they can't, they'll try to settle out of court. Why? Once you enter a court room, legal fees start and that costs lots of money ever hour.

The sad news is you have to fight for your right to the claim in most cases. If you were hurt during work, for example, rarely will the insurance company just give you money; when they do, you'll have won the case.

Myth 3 - Filing  personal injury claims is easy.
Personal injury law is a science as demanding as any field. You need an experienced lawyer to help you fight for your right to a claim. If you've ever heard of people dying and being denied claims, of families going into bankruptcy because they could not win, that's the sad part of this field. However, it need not be that way. If you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can win this fight.

Myth 4 - You must appear in court.
As stated, you often don't have to appear in court . If being questioned in front of a judge about your condition worries you, it's often needless. Your attorney and the insurance company will almost always settle out of court.

Myth 5 - Big companies always win.
Big companies have big pockets and are often considering their good name when it comes to a claim. If you were hurt while working, feel wronged by a company, or something else happened to you or your family member, that most often gives you the right to go after suitable recompense. Big companies can hire expensive lawyers, but these "expensive" lawyers will rarely appear in court because it simply costs too much. If they do, it does not mean you will lose or be bulled, especially if you hire the right attorney.

Myth 6 - Your lawyer takes all the money.

Yes, there are cases where settlements just cover legal fees, including personal injury claims. However, since most claims are settled out of court, if you have a good case, you most often win money. The lawyer can be expensive, but he or she can also create results. Some lawyers understand families cannot afford high hourly rates, so they take a portion of the settlement. This saves you money and gives the lawyer the desire to win big.