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6 Personal Injury Tips - Rules of Fault

If you've been in an accident before, you likely know how scary the time can be. After all, you might have been hurt, or were hurt; the other driver may have been hurt also. So the question arises: who was at fault for the accident and how can it be proved? Here are some tips.

1-Write Down Everything
To prove fault, you need to be clear on the details. If you were in a head-on car accident, or similar, it will of course be tough to just grab a pen and pad. In this case, worry about your safety. If you and the other driver are not in danger, write down everything you can about the accident, your injuries, the effect on your car and the other driver's car, and also how the accident occurred.

2-Write Down Details of Accident

You want the details of the accident down immediately because if you wait you can lose important details. The more details you have on 1) how the accident occurred, 2) your role, and 3) the other drivers role can greatly impact your rights in personal injury.

3-See what if any injuries you have
In writing down everything, be clear on your injuries. And don't just think physically; you might experience other mental effects after an accident. Be certain to write these down. If the accident was traumatic, that's important.

4-Time Lost

Now it's time to fight the case with your notes. How much time was lost by you getting into an accident? Did it several hamper your ability to work? Did you miss an important meeting or class? These things may seem minor, but do have an impact if you want a personal injury claim based on economic impact.

5- Know the Basic Rules
Here's how the rules usually go. The basic rule can be somewhat confusing: whoever was the most careless pays the most. Or, the one who was most careless pays more than the one who was less careless. It sounds funny, but this is about legal liability, and carelessness is a big factor.


If you can prove fault, you can reach an out of court settlement or win in court. You likely want to get a settlement before court; it will save you lawyer fees. And the insurance company wants to make a settlement out of court too, because going to court can be extremely expensive. Use that to your advantage. If you can clearly prove you were not at fault, were the least careless, you can get compensation. You should still hire a professional injury lawyer, as these things can be very complicated. Hiring the right one ups your chances of a big settlement.