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6 Points on Dealing with an Insurance Company

How much is your personal injury claim worth? It depends on what happened, the company you deal with, and on who you hire to represent you. It depends on if you settle out of court or go to court. It depends on fault, too, among many other points. Dealing with an insurance company, which may sometimes be simple and other times difficult, requires some skill. This blog guide points you in the right direction.

Know Your Full Injury
Before you take any legal steps, it's time to get better, to focus on your physical and psychological health. If it appears you, or your spouse, will have a long recovery process, it's time to find out what compensation you can get and how soon.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer
If you are just trying to get better, it can be difficult to find an experienced lawyer. Where do you find one? Online, at your local state bar, or based on recommendations. Generally online is easiest, as you can go the state bar of your state, find a lawyer, go over his or her experience, and make a quick phone call. A lawyer is invaluable no matter if you're stuck in bed or trying to handle your health. It's your lawyer's job to ensure you get proper compensation from the insurance company.

You want to be sure to notify the party at fault that you have been hurt and will file a claim. This may seem minor – letting them know you are injured – but if you fail to make contact, and then file a claim, you may run into some problems.

Who's At Fault?
Evidence, such as witnesses, experts on this type of problem, and a police report are often the deciding factors in personal injury claims. If your lawyer can prove to the insurer you were clearly not at fault, you should get a nice offer. If not, your lawyer can prove fault in court and potentially get even more compensation. Most often, you notify, find evidence, prove who is at fault, and settle. If the insurer becomes difficult, you have legal rights.

What is your claim worth?
This is an open ended question, as there is no immediate answer. Much like no two accidents are exactly alike, no two personal injury claims will have the exact same compensation for certain injuries. However, you can expect, if you get an experienced lawyer and fault is clear, to be compensated for points like lost wages, medical bills, and any property damage. If you go through much pain and suffering, this can greatly increase your claim.

The Demand Letter

Once you figure out a fair number for your claim, you submit a demand letter to the insurer of the person at fault. Decisions will be made, you'll often be negotiating, and quite often you will get fair compensation.

The Ending
How does this end? Well, the final point is that compensation is your legal right. The ending should be one where you are not in severe pain or going through financial turmoil because you cannot work. With the right game plan, the ending can be a good one.