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6 Reasons to Go For Experience in Your Personal Injury Attorney

Want a personal injury lawyer who charges “super low” rates and puts little to no effort into your case? Or do you want an experienced lawyer who can help you win?

Well, it's not always as obvious as that, but many put money on lawyers – sometimes a lot of money – who lack the experience to actually handle a complex personal injury lawsuit. First, most experienced personal injury lawyers will only take your case if you have a winner. And second, they do this because they typically only ask for a percentage, from 25% to 35%, of the damages. But you need one with experience. Why?

Do you have a claim?

How do you know if you have a claim? If a good lawyer is willing to take it, you might have a strong claim. If you're getting offers to take your case for a fee and/or you're getting turned down a lot, you may not have a winner. A lawyer is your best adviser on whether you have a right to compensation for an injury or not.

Settlement Offers
On the other hand, you might know you have a case before even looking for a lawyer. Why? The insurer offers a settlement; in other words paying you money not to sue them in court. However, these offers, though they may seem quite high at the time, are typically not in your ballpark. No, you likely deserve much more. But you won't know without an experienced lawyer.

Experience in Handling Out of Court Processes

Beyond settlements, your lawyer has other things to do outside of court. This includes getting witnesses, if any; getting experts willing to testify; getting any police reports or other documents; and also getting doctor evaluations on your injury. A personal injury case is not a race; it's a sprint. It may take over a year to finalize. But most settle before court.

In Court Experience
If you and your lawyer decide to go to court, experience in the court process is invaluable. This is where your lawyer will earn his or her fee.

Why do you need an experienced personal injury lawyer? The bottom line is to win, to get you proper compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering issues, emotional distress, and much more. If your lawyer has won cases before and takes on your case, you are in good hands.

You Get Money

How much money can you get? This does depend on your lawyer. Some will try to avoid going to court, save themselves time, and take a quick settlement. This is a sign of inexperience, if not laziness. An experienced personal injury lawyer maximizes your damages, giving you the most money. After all, a good one is willing to go to court to help you win, but he or she will get compensated fairly too.