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6 Things About Personal Injury Attorney Fees You May Not Know

Lawyers sometimes get a bad name for charging high fees. True, charging $300/hour for consulting or legal advice can be too high for many of us, but when you are paying for value, you can get value. If you pay cheaply, it's unlikely you'll get much better than a cheap service. That's in fact the basic idea of this blog guide: that lawyer fees, especially personal injury lawyer fees, are reasonable when you consider your options.

A Good Personal Injury Lawyer Gives You Options
Let's start by explaining what a lawyer gives you. If you have ever watched a legal show, yes it can seem simple and fun. However, it's not much like that in most court cases. There are applications to be filed, claims to be made, negotiations to begin, judges to negotiate with, and battles.

A good lawyer gives you the best options by explaining all this to you, giving you the options along with his or her opinion. This is invaluable. If you have no legal experience, and expect to win a tough case yourself by simply telling the truth, you just won't know where to begin.

In effect, a good personal injury lawyer explains to you if this is a winner. How? Often by saying whether or not he or she will take your case.

A Professional Personal Injury Lawyer Only Wins When You Do

Usually you only want to hire a personal injury lawyer if you have a winner. It can be too expensive to pay your lawyer during a process which may take months to years. If you have a winner, a lawyer will likely waive the fee and offer to take a portion of the settlement or claim.

If you get an offer before you even hire a lawyer, you may consider taking it. Having a lawyer makes your case much stronger, and quite often leads to a better settlement. If the offer is too low, you take it, then suffer further injury, you have no legal recourse. And if you get a settlement offer, your lawyer reviews and accepts it, because he or she has not been inside a court room and fought your case there, you pay less.

Lawyers Pay Too
Simply put, you don't just walk into court and ask for a job. It takes years if not decades for a good personal injury lawyer to come out of law school and get enough experience to be valuable to you.

A Lawyer Has Costs
Rarely is this a one person show. A lawyer may have an entire staff helping with your case. They may consult with other lawyers. He or she may have to spend valuable time researching your case. For example, there might be other cases where an injury occurred, making clear proof the entity is at fault; this occurs in manufacturing all the time, as well as hospitals.

If You Win, How Much?
If you win, your lawyer fee will be more than worth it. You can save yourself a lot of hassle simply by having a professional handle the case. You can also do some good. If you win a lawsuit against a hospital who botched an operation, you might ensure no one else is hurt like that. If you win a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company who hurt hundreds, that's justice.

If You Lose, What Next?
Sometimes even the good guys lose, but it's important to know you have legal rights to a review of any decisions made in court. This is what appeals court is about. Usually you want to take a complete look at your case with your lawyer; you just might not have enough proof. But in appeals court, your personal injury lawyer can show his or her legal expertise and help you turn this into a winner.