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6 Ways to Avoid Inexperienced Personal Injury Lawyers

1-Go for a Specialist
One common problem is with lawyers who do “a little of everything,” meaning they will take on any paying case. While there is nothing wrong with that on the surface, especially for minor cases, the more serious your lawsuit, the more you want a specialist. Get a lawyer who only does personal injury lawsuits. While you may be referred by a friend or loved one to this lawyer, be weary of referrals to lawyers who don't specialize.

2-Look At References
On the other hand, references can be good. They can show positive experiences with the lawyer. They can show the value of a lawyer. They can show how many cases he or she has won. They can even show how valuable some of these cases were to the plaintiffs (the ones suing). Therefore, if you get a personal injury specialist who has done a load of cases, he or she should have some strong references.

3-Look Over The Site
An experienced personal injury lawyer will not always have a website, but if they do, it can give a volume of important information. You can see just how this lawyer has helped his or her clients. You can see cases won and sometimes even the compensation amounts. You can see who the staff is, the secondary people who may help in winning your case. They can also show personality and communication abilities. You want a lawyer who can explain how this process works to you.

4-Give a Fair Fee
You can tell a inexperienced personal injury lawyer – or one who does not specialize – by the fees. Oddly, “we can work that out” or a very low fee often means you have an inexperienced lawyer. The fair rates are 25%-35%. if you cannot get a lawyer to take on your personal injury case, an inexperienced lawyer may try and get you to pay upfront. You should almost always pay with the “no win, no fee” philosophy: you only pay if you win. A lawyer who tries charging you may know your case isn't a winner.

5-Ask Questions
Ask your personal injury lawyer as many questions as you possibly can. Just as in school, when you don't prepare for a test you might end up failing. If your lawyer has little to no knowledge on how much compensation you deserve, if you should go to court or simply take a settlement, how liability is made, or how to get experts and witnesses, these are warning signs.

6-Consult With Multiple Personal Injury Lawyers
Finally, you want to consult with more than one lawyer. Don't settle on the family friend or the “friend-of-a-friend” who needs the work. Consult with a minimum of 5 lawyers. Only consult with lawyers who offer a free case review. If you had to pay for every review, you would be paying hundreds of dollars.