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8 Year Old Boy in Utah Crashes Family Car

This surely must come under the heading of “Incredible But True.” An 8 year old Utah boy crashes the family car.

It happened very early last Thursday morning, March 15th in Ogden, Utah, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah. The 8 year old boy whose name has not been disclosed told police that his 5-year-old sister wanted to go to the store. So, while their mother was asleep in another room, the 8 year old boy got the keys to the family van and headed out about 2:00 A.M..

Fortunately, the 8 year old boy made sure that he and his sister had their seat-belts on and buckled before they began their middle-of-the-night journey. The journey turned out to be a short one.

Hit a tree

They had not made it far out of their driveway when they hit a tree across the street. According to officer Danielle Croyle of the Ogden police, if the van had gone just a few more feet, it would have gone done an embankment into the Ogden river.

The 8 year old boy was not even tall enough to see above the steering wheel. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash, but the family van was probably totaled. Officer Croyle said, “It could have been much worse if they didn’t have their seat-belts on. They were just too smart for their own good.”

Justine McDonald heard a crash. She said, “We just thought we heard a gunshot.“ She looked out of her balcony window and saw the van. She and her roommate, Holly Maxwell, left their apartment. Maxwell said they, “ran down the stairs like a herd of elephants.”

Maxwell called 911

Maxwell said she stopped in the yard of the apartment building and called 911. Maxwell went on to say that a car passing by stopped and a woman got the two kids out of the van and brought them into the yard of the apartment building.

Maxwell said, “I asked the little kids, ‘Where’s your mommy and daddy?’” The 8 year old boy told Maxwell that his mother was asleep inside of their apartment.

Maxwell said the kids were worried about mommy being mad at them, but they were calm. However, she said that the kids would not let go of her hands. Maxwell took the children and followed a police officer to their apartment when the officer got there.

Apartment was unlocked

Maxwell said that when they got to the apartment, the officer knocked on the apartment door several times, but no one answered. McDonald said, “He called her name like four or five times.” The officer then tried the door handle, and the apartment was unlocked.

According to McDonald, the officer said to the kid’s mother, “Did you know your kids took a joyride in your car?” “She just rubbed her head,” McDonald said.

Lt. Croyle said there was no evidence that either one of the two children had been neglected and no criminal charges were expected to be filed. She called it an accident.

Authorities have not disclosed the name of the mother. She did not answer her door on Thursday, and no telephone number was listed for her.