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9 Important Points to Consider In a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Who can help you most?
The person who can likely help you most be may often be your doctor. You may just want to get better. On the other hand, there is cause for considering a lawyer, someone who can help settle your case while you get better. Though few cases begin until all medical problems are defined – hopefully when you can leave the hospital – there is nothing wrong with considering legal representation early.

Who is at fault?
Liability is important in personal injury lawsuits. Perhaps the most damning evidence – for or against you – comes from a police report. An officer may decide your case, especially if he or she uses witnesses to the accident and gets statements. On the other hand, in cases of medical malpractice, proof is in the results of what happened, and your lawyer needs to take action.

Submitting Your Claim

Insurance companies will process most car injury cases, giving you a number, and then handing your case over to a claims adjuster. The claims adjuster will decide on any damages you deserve. However, there are many cases where your lawyer can make an immediate impact in how much financial compensation you get.

What will insurance cover?
You need to know what the insurance company will cover. Typically, your medical expenses are covered. This too changes from case to case.

How much compensation?
There are many factors beyond simple medical expenses when claiming injury. You might have lost time at work, or be incapable of performing the same job. You might have went through some severe pain and suffering, which can greatly increase your compensation. Your lawyer can give you a fair estimate. Few cases are exactly alike, but you make the decisions, not the person or entity at fault, for what you deserve.

How much damages should you get?
If you suffered property damage, such as to your car, it's important to get this covered. Though much less important than medical expenses, car damages are a reality.

Negotiate a settlement or go to court?
Should you settle the personal injury claim before you go to court? This all depends on the nature of the accident. Sometimes, you may get a fair offer to settle a case. Say you or a loved one goes through a medical mistake causing major pain and suffering; the initial settlement offer may be much less than you can get. In any situation like this, make no decisions alone – use your personal injury lawyer.

What if you can't settle?
There are some lawsuits you simply cannot settle before court. Though most personal injury claims can be settled prior to court, sometimes you are too far apart to agree on a number. In these cases, your lawyer is invaluable. If you go to court, he or she is in charge of ensuring you get proper compensation.

Where can you find a lawyer?
You can find personal injury lawyers at your State Bar, online, through referrals, and sometimes by opening the phone book. Online you can get the most information about the lawyer via his or her website. A lawyer is critical in maximizing your claim and ensuring you are treated fairly, so take your time.