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Access to Health Care

Access to health care is something every person should have. It is a matter of vital importance. In fact, access to health care can be a matter of life and death.

Access is defined as “a means of approaching, entering, exiting, communicating with, or making use of.” Access is “the ability or right to approach, enter, exit, communicate with, or make use of.”

Ability and ease

As it relates to health care, access is the ability of a person to get the health care services that they need. But, it is more than that. Access is also the ease with which a person can get the health care services that they need.

In other words, access to health care has to do with how hard, how difficult it is to obtain those needed health care services. Access has to do with what barriers or difficulties may stand in the way or make it more difficult to obtain the health care services that are needed.

Quality and length of life

As noted at the beginning, access to health care is extremely important. It should be obvious that access to health care greatly affects both the quality of life and the length of life that a person will have and enjoy.

Access to health care is vital to the achievement of health equity to increase the quality of a healthy life for all people. It also means the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best health outcomes.

Access to health care consists of three things. They are:

Obtaining and gaining entry into the health care system
Being able to get into a health care facility or location where needed health care services are provided and having the ability and means to make use of those services
Being able to find and use a health care provider that a person can communicate with and trust.

The impact that access to health care has is enormous and extremely critical. Access to health care impacts:

The detecting and treatment of health conditions
Overall physical, mental and social health status
Prevention of disability and disease
Quality of life
Life expectancy
Preventable death.

Unfortunately, there are disparities in regard to the matter of access to health care in the United States. When a person has difficulty gaining access to health care services or has only limited access to these services, it hurts their quality of life and hinders their ability to reach their full potential in life.

There are several obstacles to the access of health care. Some of these are:

Inability to pay
No health insurance
Lack of knowledge
Lack of availability.

When obstacles prevent access to health care, there can be serious consequences. Some of these include:

Inability to obtain preventive services
Health needs that are not met
Delays in getting the appropriate care that is needed
Hospital stays that may have been prevented.

If you suffered an injury because you believe you were denied access to the health care that you needed, you really ought to contact a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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