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Austin W. Hotel Closed due to falling glass

According to CNN, The W. Hotel in Austin, Texas, has had to close down indefinitely due to falling glass from glass panels which were dislocated from the balcony of the hotel. This is not the first time this has happened; in fact, this is the third time in recent weeks. Panels fell several days ago on parked cars on 3rd Street and then again on Tuesday, a little after 5 p.m., glass panels fell on the south side of the building.

This third incident occurred the same day a lawsuit was filed on behalf of two injured individuals who suffered injury on June 10, 2011, while they were at the hotel pool. Reports from the recent lawsuit claim that broken glass fell on the plaintiffs, injuring them. The lawsuit also contends that the hotel was previously notified that there might be a problem with the glass but failed to respond, this according to reports by KXAN-TV.

A statement was released by the parent company of the hotel yesterday notifying patrons that the hotel would be closed "until further notice". "We are replacing every piece of balcony glass on the building," Stratus Properties CEO Beau Armstrong said in the statement. Current patrons of the hotel have been relocated to other hotels.

In another completely unrelated incident, a W. Hotel in Atlanta was also the site of a fatal accident on May 28, 2011, when two women fell to their deaths after crashing through a window on the 10th story of the Atlanta hotel. Police in Atlanta confirmed that the accident was nothing but a freak accident due to the women’s “play fighting” and was not related in any way to the glass in the windows.

Management of the hotel confirmed that the accidents were not related. “They involve two dissimilar types of buildings that were built at different times. The incident at the W Austin involved balcony glass on empty condos above the hotel and the incident at the W Atlanta Midtown involved a guestroom window,” the statement said.

Premise Liability Law

Premise liability claims are generally won if the injured party can prove that they were injured on another person’s property due to unsafe conditions or from the negligence of the building owner or management. The most common premise liability claims include slips and falls, assaults, animal attacks and drowning.

The plaintiffs in the premise liability lawsuit against the W. Hotel may win their claim if they can prove they were injured because the owners or operators of the hotel failed to make their property safe. If they win their claim they may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, wage loss, and medical expenses.

If you have suffered a premise liability injury you will need to collect police records, medical records, witness statements and photographs. All of your evidence should be preserved and given to your personal injury lawyer for review.

There is a statute of limitations for filing all personal injury claims. Failure to file within the statute of limitations may eliminate your right to compensation. Personal injury lawyers understand personal injury law and can answer all of your premise liability questions.

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