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Auto Accident Injury In Philadelphia

Do you live in Philadelphia and have you been injured in a car accident? If you have, you may need the help of a car accident lawyer who can give you legal advice and evaluate your car accident injury claim. Bad road conditions, driver distraction, speeding and recklessness all can cause car accidents, and each year thousands of Pennsylvania drivers are injured in a car accident.

Car Accident Insurance Claims in Philadelphia

Philadelphia car accident insurance offers two types of tort options on their insurance policies.

  • Limited Tort – Drivers who have the limited tort option on their car insurance policy may give up the right to receive compensation for their pain and suffering if they are injured in a car accident in Philadelphia. Choosing the limited tort option does save about 10% on insurance coverage, but individuals give up their right to sue for pain and suffering even if another driver is responsible for the car accident injuries except in cases where:

    • The victim passes the limited tort threshold test by suffering a serious injury which results in loss of body function or serious disfigurement.

    • Another driver is convicted of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    • The driver has committed an action to intentionally cause your car accident injuries.

    • The driver is driving a car which is registered in another state.

    • The driver does not have car insurance.

  • Full Tort – Full tort car insurance will provide full compensation to a victim injured in a car accident. Full tort coverage will pay for past, present and future lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, rehabilitation, permanent injuries, scarring, spousal support and medical costs. Full tort coverage provides compensation for your car accident injuries regardless of how serious the injuries are and gives the injured driver the right to sue the guilty party for their car accident injuries.

What can a car accident attorney do for me?

Whether or not a car accident lawyer should be hired often depends on the complexity of the car accident injuries. If the car accident has caused only minor property damage, a car accident attorney may not need to be consulted. If however, there is a dispute over liability or the insurance company is refusing to provide coverage, it may be a good idea to discuss your car accident injuries with a car accident attorney.

Steps to take after a car accident

  1. Make sure everyone is okay.  If necessary call 911 to transport the injured person to the hospital.

  2. Notify the police. This may not be necessary if there are no injuries and all the vehicles can be driven from the scene, but some times car accident insurance claims require a police report.

  3. If possible, remove all vehicles from the road.

  4. Exchange information with all of the drivers involved in the accidents in the car.

  5. Contact your insurance company about the car accident injuries.

  6. Photograph the accident scene.

  7. Seek medical attention for your car accident injuries. All medical bills should be sent to the insurance company.

  8. Seek legal representation for your car accident injury claim.