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Bicycle Accidents and a Personal Injury Lawsuit

More and more people are riding bicycles across the United States. Whether it is for sport, fun and recreation or as an alternative to the high price of gasoline and driving a car, there is a growing number of bicycles on the streets and roads in the United States.

Schematic Diagram of a bicycle.

Sadly and tragically, bicycle accidents take place every day across the country. This is partly due to the increased popularity of bicycle riding, but it is also due to the negligence of car drivers.

There are still plenty of cars that do not accept bicycle riders as travelers on the road. This is in spite of the fact that many cities across the United States have recently added bicycle lanes on some of their busy streets.

Fatal for the bicyclist

Bicycle accidents with an automobile are responsible for one-third of all bicycle accidents. The tragic fact is that the majority of these accidents are fatal for the bicyclist due to the fact that a bicycle rider is virtually unprotected.

There are several other alarming statistics in regard to bicycle accidents. Some of these are:

Approximately half of all bicycle accidents take place in children under the age of 16
A bicyclist is fatally injured every 6 hours
Head injuries are responsible for 75 percent of serious injuries in bicycle accidents
Approximately one million children are injured every year in bicycle related accidents.

Bicycle accidents usually occur as a result of the inattentiveness and/or negligence of an automobile driver or the bicycle rider. Because of the negligence and inattentiveness of automobile drivers new traffic laws have been enacted in many states that deal with bicyclists.

The streets and roads are supposed to be shared by automobiles and bicycles. In doing so, both automobile drivers and bicycle riders have to obey and abide by the traffic laws.

There are several common ways that bicycle accidents occur with automobiles. Some of these include:

An automobile driver failing to look both ways
An automobile driver failing to stop at a traffic light or stop sign
An automobile driver who is inhibited by alcohol or drugs
An automobile driver who fails to yield the right of way at an intersection
An automobile driver who turns directly in front of a bicycle rider
An automobile driver who enters traffic from a parking spot or driveway directly in front of a bicycle rider
Inattentiveness on the part of an automobile driver.

These are some of the most common ways that bicycle accidents with an automobile take place, and bicyclists are injured. Of course, there are other ways that these bicycle accidents occur.

In many instances, bicycle accidents are more complex than a regular car accident. If you have been the innocent victim of a bicycle accident with an automobile, you are probably entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to be properly compensated for your injuries and damages resulting from the accident.

A personal injury lawsuit can be complicated and involved. It is best to have a personal injury attorney on your side in a personal injury lawsuit.
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