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A Blunt Trauma Personal Injury Claim

If you have been the victim of some type of blunt trauma injury that was due to the carelessness or negligence of another party (person, persons, company, group or organization), you may be entitled to compensation for that injury. What you need to do is discuss your case with a personal injury attorney who will advise you on pursuing a personal injury claim for your blunt trauma injury.

When you are the innocent victim of a car or vehicle accident, a slip and fall accident, violence or some other type of accident, a blunt trauma injury is something that you may sustain. In most cases, a blunt trauma injury is a serious injury that can have devastating consequences.

A serious shock

In a physical sense, trauma is an event that produces a serious shock, injury or wound to your body that comes as the result of an accident or violence. Trauma can also mean a situation or experience that results in emotional, psychological pain and/or injury.

When you are the innocent victim of a blunt trauma injury that is caused by another party, it is an injury that is brought about by an impact, collision or contact with some kind of  blunt object or surface. The result is an injury that brings about physical trauma to some part of your body and what may be devastating, lifelong emotional or psychological harm or injury.

Two primary locations

Although a blunt trauma injury can occur to any area of your body, the two primary locations are your abdominal area and your head. What is referred to as “blunt abdominal trauma” (BAT) is the most prevalent kind of blunt trauma injury. 75% of all blunt trauma injuries are to the abdominal area.

The signs and symptoms that you have with your blunt trauma injury will depend on the part of your body that was injured. If your abdominal area was where you suffered blunt trauma, you may have:

Hematuria (blood in your urine)
Gas or air in your abdominal cavity (pneumoperitoneum)
Irritation of your peritoneum (serous membrane lining the walls of your abdominal cavity)
Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
Protrusion of internal organs out of your wound (evisceration)
Hypovolemia (decreased volume of circulating blood in the body)

If you have a blunt trauma injury to your head, you may experience:

Convulsion or seizure
Unusual behavior
Personality changes
Slurred speech
Blurred vision
Being unable to move one or more of your limbs
Severe headache
Loss of consciousness.

Once again, a blunt trauma injury is usually a very serious injury that may have devastating consequences. You may have large medical bills, miss weeks or months of work and suffer a great deal of pain and suffering. A blunt trauma injury can even bring about permanent partial or total disability.

The things just mentioned are some of the things that you can receive compensation for when you win a blunt trauma personal injury claim for being the innocent victim of violence or an accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another party. However, in order to receive the compensation that is rightfully yours, you will need the help of a personal injury attorney.