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Burner Syndrome and a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Your brachial plexus is composed of a network of nerves that start near your shoulder and neck. Your brachial plexus has control over your hand, elbow, wrist and shoulder. The way that your brachial plexus does this is by conducting signals from your spine to your shoulder, hand and arm.

English: Brachial plexus

Your nerves are like an electrical cable that is wrapped in insulation. The electrical wiring system of your body is your nerves. Messages are sent to the rest of your body from your brain by your nerves.

There are different parts of your body that are connected with pressure, temperature and pain. Sensory nerves are what transmit messages from these areas to your brain. The thing that enables your body to move is messages from your brain that are transported by motor nerves to your muscles. Your brachial plexus is made up of both motor and sensory nerves.

Very fragile

Your brachial plexus is very fragile. It can be injured by stretching, pressure or cutting. If you suffer an injury that is severe enough, the nerves of your brachial plexus can actually be torn out of their roots in your neck.

Burner syndrome is a condition that results when you suffer an injury to the nerves of your brachial plexus. Burner syndrome stops the messages that are going to and from your brain. Because of this, burner syndrome causes your hand, arm and shoulder to not function like they ought to. You have a loss of feeling or numbness in the area of your injured nerve.

The signs and symptoms that you experience with burner syndrome can vary widely. The reason for this is that your signs and symptoms are determined by the location and severity of your injury. Possible signs and symptoms include:

Weakness in your shoulder
A complete lack of feeling and movement in your arm
Weakness and numbness in your arm
Muscle tenderness in your neck
Having an ability to use your fingers but having little or no control over your elbow and shoulder muscles
Pain that may be extremely severe
A feeling that is very similar to a burning sensation or a shock that goes shooting down your arm
Being able to use your arm but not your fingers.

There are several different things that can cause burner syndrome. Burner syndrome may
be caused by contact sports like hockey, football or wrestling. However, burner syndrome can also be the result of things like trauma that is caused by a knife or bullet wound, a motor vehicle accident, boating accident or an animal bite.

If you have burner syndrome because of the careless, willful or negligent action of someone else, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against that person in order to receive fair compensation for your injury and damages.

In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, it is best to have the assistance of a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney is skilled in filing a personal injury lawsuit and will help you get all of the compensation for your injury and damages that you deserve.