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Carnival Ride in Texas Goes Wrong for Little Girl

Ride goes wrong

It was supposed to be a fun ride that a kid would love, but it did not turn out that way for a little girl who is three years old whose name is being withheld. It happened on Wednesday, March 14th at the RodeoHouston carnival around 2:00 P.M. in Houston, Texas.

The little girl and her brother who is eight years old got on the Techno Jump Ride at the carnival. The little girl began to slip down below the restraining bar of the ride. Then the ride threw her through the air where landed on the platform that was six to eight feet below.

The accident caused the Techno Jump Ride to be shut down for around three hours. Following the accident, managers of the rodeo decided to change the height requirements for the ride.

Little girl met height requirements

Leroy Shafer is the chief operating officer of RodeoHouston. He stated that the little girl met the height requirements of the ride that were in place at that time. He went on to say that an adult should have ridden the ride with her. Shafer added, “We’re now telling our ride operator, if its someone between 42 and 48 inches, let’s be sure the other person is an adult.”

Shafer said that the day before the accident, the ride had passed a safety inspection. Shafer went on to say, “This was a three-year-old without an adult, and we said she came under the bar, she came under the lap restraint.”

The accident was caught on video. At first, officials were saying that the little girl climbed out on her own. However, the video shows her slipping under the bar and under the lap restraint. After seeing the video, Shafer said, “I don’t think it changes anything.”

Texas Representative Coleman pushing for legislation

Texas Representative Garnet Coleman is said to now be trying to usher in legislation that will make traveling carnivals have to have the same safety standards as carnivals that are permanent. In a statement, Coleman said, “Clearly there needs to be more scrutiny on traveling amusement rides. This is a yearly story with this particular operator that someone is hurt or killed.”

The little girl was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston with back, neck and head injuries that resulted from her fall. Chief operating officer Shafer said that she was also treated for a contusion on her head and abrasions on her face. However, in what is something of a miracle, she is said to be recovering well.

The accident has sparked debate as to who is to blame for the accident. It is reported that the little girl’s mother got off of the ride just before it started going with the little girl and her eight year old brother. Is the mother to blame for not staying on the ride and riding an adult ride with her three-year-old daughter? Or, was it the operator’s fault for letting the little girl ride the ride when he saw her mother get off of the ride? Or, was it both the parents and the operators fault for the accident?