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Common Questions on Personal Injury Claims

There are many personal injury cases where the injured person does not know if he or she has a right to a claim, how much the claim is worth, how long they should wait to claim, what lawyer to hire, how much the lawyer will cost, and much more. Because of that, we created this guide on frequently asked questions concerning personal injury claims. If you're still unsure of certain topics, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you.

When should you consult with a lawyer?
If you've been injured to a point where it's effecting your life, even in minor ways, consulting with a lawyer is very smart. You can brainstorm options with one and see if your case is strong. For example, if you were in a car accident, and it's effected your personal and professional life, if it's cost you time, money, and suffering, you have a right to claim.

What can you claim?
You can claim based on pain, suffering, and loss of joyful life. You can claim based on loss of income, if you're not able to work. You can also claim on loss of care and interest. The most common claims are based on pain and suffering as well as loss of income, but there are often other losses such as joy in life which you might be able to file a claim for. If you're unsure of what to claim, but know you've lost something since an accident or injury, a lawyer can help.

How long does the claim take?
This varies from personal injury case to personal injury case, but a professional lawyer will advise you on several things, foremost being how long to wait. For example, you would not wait to file a claim 2 weeks after a car accident where you suffered whiplash or trauma; you might have other injuries over the course of months to years which do not come up. It's recommend you wait about a year in most personal injury cases so you can be assured you are covered on everything. You may not be able to claim again, so it's important to be patient and wait to see how your body and mind react. This is where the guidance of a doctor is critical.

How much is your claim worth?
Few experienced personal injury lawyers will tell you how much you will get. There is too much variety in the situation. You rarely know how much the claim is worth until you know how the injury has effected you. Even then, there are so many possibilities involved and differences from person to person that you just don't know. You will know, perhaps, when an insurer makes an offer; but even then you might be able to get much more. Be wary of lawyers who promise you a figure.

How much does your lawyer cost?
Personal injury lawyers are not cheap, but you can work out a fair rate with a experienced one. You can do it via "pay as you go" or you can pay via a contingency fee agreement. "Pay as you go" lets you hire the lawyer on a retainer and cover all fees. The contingency fee agreement will still have costs, but most of the money will be paid upon a successful injury claim.

You may have many more questions; this is just the beginning. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for guidance.