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Compensation and Your Personal Injury Claim

Getting hurt for no fault of your own requires compensation -- and the worse the injury, the more you deserve. What can you get compensated for? Who can help? And how much can you expect?

Forms of Compensation
There are six forms of compensation typically rewarded in a personal injury case.

Medical Treatment: You should receive money for any and all medical care involved in the accident. If you break your leg in a car accident, suffer a concussion, or any other form of injury you need medical help with, this is part of any settlement with an insurance company and is almost always rewarded.

Income: Using the example where you break your leg, ask yourself how this will effect your work. It might be impossible for you to start immediately, you may not be able to work at all, and that gives you a right for damages related to loss of pay. If you're in a leg cast for months, for example, you deserve all lost wages.

While this may seem small at first, if your car was completely totaled in the accident, beyond your insurance claim is the cost of the vehicle. Also, any other possessions which were lost or broken in the accident should payed back. If you're car is totaled, your expensive cell phone ruined, and anything else, you have a right to compensation.

Pain and Suffering: If you suffer a concussion after the accident, or any other injury which is painful. you also deserve compensation. If you have to take strong pain killers, for example, and these make you feel sick, you may claim that. While given less than medical treatment, this can truly make your settlement pay for all the pain and inconvenience involved.

Emotional Pain: Along with pain and suffering, you may have some mental trouble after the accident. Sleepless nights may be your problem. This often occurs in more serious accidents.

Loss of Enjoyment: While this too may seem small at first, it makes sense. If  your injury resulted in  a loss of enjoyment, of having fun doing your regular activities, you can get damages.

Loss of Consortium:
Lastly, you may have trouble with your spouse after an injury. If it hurts your relationship, perhaps in the bedroom, you can receive damages. Some states also include this law for hurting relationships  to children who may be deeply affected by the injury. In some cases, the payment for damages is given directly the the affected loved one.

Who can help?
A professional personal injury lawyer can win your fight for compensation. Typically, you can receive substantial benefits. True, the more hurt you are the more of a settlement you'll get, but an experienced lawyer can win fights beyond just medical and income damages. They earn money in things such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment, which can be harder to prove.

You can expect most settlements to go beyond medical expenses and income losses. Since no two cases are exactly the same, you should first choose a lawyer and then ask him or her how much you can get.