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Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim for Taking Norvasc

Do I have a personal injury claim for taking Norvasc? The reason why you are asking this question is most likely because you have been harmed as a result of taking this medication.

Norvasc is the brand name for the drug amlodipine. Amlodipine is a member of a class of drugs that are referred to as calcium channel blockers.

Calcium channel blockers are drugs that keep calcium from getting into cells of your blood vessel walls and heart. This brings about a lowering of your blood pressure.

Relax and widen

Calcium channel blockers are also known as calcium antagonists. They relax and widen your blood vessels by acting on the muscle cells in your arterial walls. This helps to improve blood flow.

In addition, some calcium channel blockers have the added benefit of slowing your heart rate. This also further reduces blood pressure, controls an irregular heartbeat and relieves angina (chest pain).

Norvasc is used in the treatment of angina (chest pain) or hypertension (high blood pressure) and other disorders that result from coronary artery disease. Norvasc is prescribed for adults and children who are over the age of 6 years old.


Norvasc was the subject of an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recall in February of 2011. This was an expansion of a previous recall that included drugs such as Androxy, Amantadine, Bethanechol and Baclofen.

This recall was prompted by Usher-Smith Laboratories, the parent company who manufactures amlodipine, in conjunction with the FDA. The recall was intended to eliminate the most severe side effects of the medication and bring more “generic” medications on the market to reduce patient problems.

One of the side effects of Norvasc was that the drug was operating more selectively for arteries than your heart muscle wall that it was intended for. These arteries affected by the medication brought about several problems for patients. These included:

Dyspepsia (indigestion)
Frequent dizziness
Peripheral edema (swelling of tissues, especially in your lower limbs).

Norvasc has caused other side effects that are slightly less severe and less frequent.. These include temporary cases of jaundice and hepatitis, erratic behavior, tremors and hyperglycemia.

Norvasc has been linked to a possible increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers have warned that older women who take calcium channel blockers for a long period of time may have a 2.5-fold higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Norvasc may also put people at risk for Stevens Johnson Syndrome. This is an autoimmune skin condition that can cause serious problems.

Side effects

In addition, Norvasc side effects can result in toxic epidermal necrolysis. This is a condition in which significant percentages of your skin die off, and you have to have skin grafts to repair the damage.

Once again, you may have experienced some of the adverse side effects of Norvasc. These side effects may have resulted in a great deal of harm to you. The wise thing to do is to call a personal injury attorney and see whether you may be eligible to pursue a claim for the harm you have suffered. A personal injury attorney will evaluate your case at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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