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Fort Worth Golfer Stabbed With Golf Club

A golf ball.

Does this Texas golf fighter have a personal injury case?

On Friday, January 27, 2012, around 3:30 in the afternoon, Clay Carpenter and two of his friends were playing a round of golf at an exclusive golf course at Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas. As they approached the 13th hole, they had caught up with a slower moving group of four golfers.

According to Carpenter, a course marshal told the foursome to allow Carpenter and his group to play through. Apparently, the foursome was not willing to do this, and a fight broke out.

Carpenter believes that one of the golfers swung a golf club at his head. However, he says that he grabbed it and broke it off at the end. Carpenter then says the man stabbed him twice in his leg.

One of the golfers in this foursome called 911. He said that Carpenter had fallen on a golf club or something.

Carpenter was taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. After spending 9 days in the hospital, Carpenter was released on Sunday, February 5th.

Carpenter says that he is recovering from a punctured femoral artery and massive blood loss. The muscles in the lower half of Carpenter’s leg atrophied during his recovery and portions of his lower leg have died from the lack of blood flow. There is the possibility that he may have to have more surgeries on his leg. He is worried that he might even lose his leg.

The question is, “Does Carpenter have a personal injury case against the golfer who stabbed him? This will depend on some things.

The first thing that has to be considered is, “Who threw the first punch? Who actually started the fight?” If it was the man who stabbed him or someone else, Carpenter may have a personal injury case against the man who stabbed him. If it was Carpenter who threw the first punch, it does not necessarily mean that he does not have a personal injury case, but a person does have the right to defend themselves.

Even though a person has the right to defend themselves, can it be established that the person who stabbed Carpenter was using excessive force, more than was necessary. Was this man deliberately trying to harm Carpenter.

Another thing that would have to be established is that Carpenter was actually stabbed by one of the four golfers. The four golfers in the 911 call said that he fell on a golf club or something. Can it be established that Carpenter did not fall on a golf club but was actually stabbed by one of the four golfers who were playing ahead of him.

Another issue is, “Will the authorities arrest and charge one of the four golfers with stabbing Carpenter?” The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department has stated that an active criminal investigation is in progress in regard to this incident.

It may be a good idea for Carpenter to contact a personal injury attorney to sit down and discuss and evaluate his case. It may very well be that Carpenter has a very good personal injury case.

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