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Gastric Bypass Malpractice and Filing a Claim

Most people do not realize how large a health problem obesity and being overweight are in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 67% of Americans who are age 20 and above are either overweight or obese. That represents two out of every three Americans.

There are several ways that Americans try and deal with this problem of being obese or overweight. These include dieting, pills, purging, fasting, exercise and surgery.

Bariatric surgery

There are many kinds of weight-loss surgery that are referred to as bariatric surgery. One of the most common forms of bariatric surgery in the United States isgastric bypass.

Gastric bypass is a type of surgery that enables you to lose weight by changing the way in which your small intestine and stomach take care of the food that you eat. Your stomach is made smaller by gastric bypass. This means that it will not take as much food to cause you to feel full.

Another result of gastric bypass is that food will no longer travel into certain areas of your stomach and small intestine that break down food. As a result, your body does not absorb all of the calories from the food that you eat.

Dangerous surgery

This sounds like a great solution if you are morbidly obese or overweight, and dieting and exercise has failed. However, gastric bypass should be your last resort, not the first thing that you try when you are overweight. The reason for this is because the surgery is dangerous and has many possible complications. Some of these include:

You may have had gastric bypass surgery. Are you experiencing any of the possible complications that have just been mentioned? Are you experiencing other complications as a result of gastric bypass?

Did your surgeon take the time to fully explain to you the many complications and risks that were possible with this kind of surgery? Did your doctor fulfill his duty to work closely with you before and after gastric bypass surgery to be alert for any possible complications and to make sure that you received all of the benefits that you should have from the surgery.

Have you considered filing a gastric bypass malpractice claim? A personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and advise you about the merits of filing a malpractice claim.

There are several things that may indicate that it would be a good idea to file a gastric bypass malpractice claim. Some of these are:

Failure to diagnose or properly treat the leakage of gastric fluid
Failure to follow-up with and properly monitor you
Failure to diagnose and properly treat gastric bleed
Performing the surgery improperly
You were not a proper candidate for this type of surgery
Failure to recognize and act on complications
Inexperience of the surgeon who did the surgery
You were not fully informed of the risks of the surgery.

Once again, a personal injury attorney will discuss your case with you and advise you of the best way to proceed.