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Have You Been Injured in a Lawn Mower Accident

Have you been injured in a lawn mower accident? If you have and were seriously injured, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to be compensated for your injury.

If the lawn mower accident was caused by your own negligence, carelessness or recklessness, you probably will not receive compensation for your injury. On the other hand, if the lawn mower accident was caused by the negligence of another party or some kind of defect, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

Millions of homeowners in the United States regularly mow their lawns with some type of lawn mower. However, many homeowners do not stop to think about the real possibility that severe personal injuries can result from accidents involving a lawn mower.

Far more

In fact, lawn mower accidents happen far more often than you may think in the United States. Each year, lawn mower accidents send almost 80,000 people to the emergency room. About 1,400 of these people are admitted to the hospital. Most tragic of all, every year, an average of 95 people die as a result of a lawn mower accident.

These statistics indicate something disturbing. It is that out of every 1,000 times that a person has to go to an emergency room as a result of a personal injury, two of the instances are caused by a lawn mower accident.

There are several common types of injuries that may be brought about by a lawn mower accident. Some of these are:

Crush injuries
Paralysis that includes nerve damage
Child lawn mower injuries
Burn injuries
Severe cuts and lacerations to the face and body
Spinal cord injuries
Traumatic eye injuries
Traumatic brain injuries
Amputations of limbs and extremities

As mentioned earlier, lawn mower accidents may be due to a defect of some kind. These include:

Faulty blades
Easily breakable parts
A design defect
A manufacturing defect
A faulty fuel system that results in leaking fuel
Lack of proper instructions
Improper warning and safety labeling
Rollover defects that cause the lawn mower to tip over easily.

Failing to pay attention to the safety precautions and warnings, failing to wear personal protective equipment, such as protective eye goggles, earplugs and gloves or failing to follow instructions regarding the proper operation and use of a lawn mower are some of the reasons why lawn mower accidents occur.

If your lawn mower accident happened for any of the reasons just mentioned, you probably will not get compensation for your injury. However, if your lawn mower accident was caused by some kind of defect or another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

Minor and superficial

If your injury is minor and superficial, you can probably handle this yourself. On the other hand, if you suffered a serious, debilitating injury, in most instances, you will need the assistance and representation of a personal injury attorney in order to be fairly and justly compensated.

The wise thing to do is to contact a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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