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Holiday Season Drunk Driving Statistics

Despite efforts for several decades to reduce the incidence of drunk drivers, it is estimated there are nearly 11,000 deaths related to drunk driving each year in the United States. This total is approximately 31% of all deaths caused by traffic-related accidents in the United States. This means that every day almost 30 drivers die in a motor vehicle accident involving an alcohol or drug impaired driver. Stricter laws and catchy slogans have reduced but not eliminated the estimated 50 million instances of driving under the influence each year.

Thanksgiving Drunk Driving rises!

What can we expect during the holiday season? Last Thanksgiving an estimated 43,000 individuals were injured in a drunk driving incident on the roadways during the holiday season. According to NHTSA, “40% of the fatal Thanksgiving crashes last year involved drunken driving, and there were 20% more fatal crashes nationally in the 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. travel period during Thanksgiving week than other weeks.”

Thanksgiving is second only to New Years when the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimate that violations will jump 62%. They also estimate that two to three times more people will die during the holidays from drunk driving when compared to other times of the year and up to 54% of car accidents will be alcohol related.

Drinking and Driving during Christmas increase even more

Drunk driving accidents will also increase for Christmas when the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that 38% of all car accident deaths will be alcohol related. Unfortunately, the statistics do not improve until well after New Years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 1,200 people will be killed in a drunk driving accident and up to 25,000 will be injured from Thanksgiving until New Years.