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How a Lawyer Helps with Personal Injury Compensation

Putting a number on how much compensation you deserve is best made by your lawyer. A professional personal injury lawyer will not only help you win, but also help maximize your injury claim. This process can be quite complex, and it's definitely difficult when you or a loved one are experiencing enough pain as is. However, hiring the right lawyer is integral to winning the most damages. That's the focus of this blog guide.


A lawyer can explain to you many things, but this guide can help understand the basics. Most personal injury cases are based on compensating the plaintiff for damages suffered. There are quite a variety of damages you can sue for, too many for this guide to highlight.

Dollar Figures
However, your doctor, given time, can help you understand the scope of your injury, and how much it will cost. Your lawyer can and should give you an idea of damages needed. This is not an overnight process, nor should it be. It takes time to see how truly effected you are, sometimes over a year.

The first damages to consider is to your body, and how much it costs to get better. If you experience a severe injury with incredibly high medical costs, this is almost always covered in a personal injury settlement. If you were not at fault, you should never foot the bill for medical expenses. These can be very high, and it takes time to know how much you'll pay; it may change after a few months, if not get worse.

Often you cannot work for some time after a serious injury. Sometimes you cannot work the same job at all. You and your lawyer can put this figure into the settlement. Lost wages can be quite high, especially if you are unable to work for a long time if not permanently.

Pain and Suffering

If you experience severe pain and suffering, such as nagging pains through the night, it will be part of your personal injury case. You need to tell your doctor if any changes, and you need to consider how much of an impact this will have on your life.

Emotional damages may seem minor at first, but they must be considered. Over time, you may experience emotional distress such as depression. Your relationship with others may be hurt. Tell your doctor, and make sure your lawyer is aware of any problems you have.

More Damages
There are far more damages you can get. If you're unsure of your case, a lawyer can help. If you want the full damages, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. It's more than worth it to pay to get one with court room experience. You can often expect a settlement before even going to court, which can save you on lawyer fees.