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How do I Fire My Personal Injury Lawyer?

If have been injured from the actions of another person or if someone in your family has been killed from the negligent actions of another person, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and win compensation for your injuries.

But what if you have been injured, you hired a personal injury lawyer but they are not doing the work you are paying them to do? Do you have the legal right to fire a personal injury lawyer? Yes, you do, but nothing should be done without careful consideration.

Steps to Firing a Personal Injury Lawyer


Clearly evaluate why you are unhappy with your current personal injury lawyer. Make sure you do not blame them for something they cannot control, like the amount of time it may take for you to get your settlement. Is your injury lawyer not performing their duties or is the process simply taking a long time? Set up a meeting and discuss your concerns.

If you do decide to fire your personal injury lawyer, there are some steps that need to be followed:

1. First, review your legal agreement.

Does it give you instructions for terminating the agreement? Although your personal injury lawyer generally only gets paid if they win your claim, even if you fire your first personal injury lawyer, they may be entitled to compensation you win from your personal injury claim. If you hire a new personal injury lawyer this award may have to be split with your old lawyer.

State laws vary, but in some states if the personal injury lawyer is terminated “without cause” or by your personal injury lawyer with justification you may have to compensate your lawyer for certain legal services before you can terminate the legal agreement.

2. Talk to another personal injury attorney.

Make sure you outline why you were unhappy with your first lawyer. Make sure you feel comfortable with the skills and expertise of your new injury attorney. Be leery of any injury lawyer who has attempted to get you to fire your previous lawyer so they can represent you. This could be a violation of specific state laws against solicitation.

3. Finally, all termination agreements should be made in writing and should clearly state why you are ending the legal agreement.

You should also request your legal file, although in some states there may be parts of the file that may not have to be turned over, such as the personal injury lawyer’s assumptions and theories about the case. Do not be punitive in your actions against the lawyer unless they have acted unethically toward you or taken illegal actions in your case.

Keep in mind, it is generally better to make an attempt to work with your current lawyer. Many problems are a result of miscommunication and can be cleared up with a meeting.

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