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How is the Value of Your Personal Injury Case Determined

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Being in an accident that was not your fault is bad enough, but having to deal with the insurance company of whoever was at fault for the accident is usually even worse. How can you be sure that the insurance company is giving you a fair settlement for the damages and injuries that you suffered in the accident? In other words, how is the value of your personal injury case determined?

The value of your case is the monetary amount that you may recover if you win your case. It is what your case is worth from a monetary standpoint.

How the value of your personal injury case is determined is not an easy question to answer. In fact, it can be very complicated. There are several factors that go in to determining the value of your personal injury case. These include:

Your injury - What type of injury or injuries did you sustain? What is the nature, extent and duration on your injuries? In other words, how badly were you hurt in the accident? The more serious your injuries are and the greater amount of time it will take you to recover from them, the greater the value of your case is likely to be.

Wage loss - Is your injuries going to keep you from being able to do your job? Will you have to miss work for several weeks or months? The amount of money that you will lose from not being able to work because of your injuries from the accident is an important factor in determining the value of your personal injury case.

Your future earning capacity - Are your injuries of such a nature that you will never be able to return to your job or do the kind of work that you were doing before the accident? Will you need vocational rehabilitation to learn or be trained to do another type of work? Will you be able to do any kind of work? The answer to these questions will play a significant part in determining the value of your case.

Loss of consortium - This refers to any suffering that your family has experienced due to your injuries from the accident. How has your family been hurt by your accident?

Pain and suffering - Has the accident caused you to have psychological problems? In other words, are you experiencing emotional and mental pain and suffering as a result of the accident?

Medical expenses - How much have your medical expenses amounted to? How much more medical care and treatment are you going to need because of your injuries from the accident? Do you expect to have future medical expenses that may last for months, years or even the rest of your life?

All of these factors go in to determining the value of your personal injury case. If you are going to receive the true value of your case, you are probably going to need the aid and assistance of a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney will know how to determine the value of your case and get you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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