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How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

How long will it take if you file a personal injury claim? There are so many possibilities when it comes to a personal injury claim that, though many are alike, it's almost impossible to say exactly how long a personal injury claim will take. After all, you might settle within weeks; other cases drag on over a year.

The typical personal injury claim with no issue of liability – such as an accident causing a minor fracture – may take from 6-12 months. That's by far not conclusive, but a general average for the basic type of injury and claim.

Why is it so hard to find out how long it takes? It varies as much as person to person vary, as much as any injury is different from another.  Some injuries cause extreme suffering, but cost little medically. Others cause little pain and suffering, but rob a person from being able to work. No two personal injury cases are exactly alike.  People deal with injuries in very different ways. One may have a clear clam, while another with a  similar injury may experience less discomfort. Because of this,you need some help.

You should learn to be patient with this process, and that an experienced attorney can help you in a variety of ways. Personal injury law can be very complex, so you need an attorney to fight your case.  You should also be patient in the settlement, not because it drags on, but because if you wait long enough settlement offers may get better.

You should always wait for a complete doctor checkup prior to considering settlement offers. Many insurers will make you an offer even before the checkup, looking to save money.

Say for example you get an offer, before or after you see a doctor, and decide to take it. A few weeks later, you begin to experience new problem you didn't know you had. You may have settled on the physical injuries, but did not consider the emotional trauma. Because you settled, there is no going back. That makes it doubly important to consider your options, to hire experienced personal injury attorney, and to never rush into a settlement too early.

Since we know no two settlements are alike, that time varies, what steps can you really take to get this process rolling? What if you don't receive a settlement offer and have to go to court?

You should both do your own research and ask for some guidance from an attorney. Hiring an experienced attorney is not cheap, but more than worth it, because you can pay him or her with the settlement if you get one. If you do your own research on this injury and all its effects, you can be more confident in your argument for compensation.

If you don't receive a settlement offer, which is rare because almost all strong cases are settled before trial, winning with the help of an attorney is very possible. It may take longer, but you may get even more compensation than any offer.

A personal injury claim can sometimes be quite short, and other times it can be very long. If you have a strong case, settlement offers may not be good enough; you may be able to get even more compensation with the help of an attorney.