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Importance of Fair Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

You have rights, and a lawyer is supposed to protect them. But a judge may be deciding on what your rights are in any case. In personal injury lawsuits, judges decide on what you get – for the good or for the bad. How important is fair compensation?

Your Rights

Even when liability is for both defendant and plaintiff, if you're severely hurt you have a right to compensation. If you can't work anymore, go through pain and suffering, and your life changes greatly, you deserve something to help. If you cannot walk anymore or miss months at work, you have a right to compensation. Yes, it depends on what exactly happened. If you were hit by a car, for example, at no fault of your own, you stand to get proper financial help. Even if some liability is yours, you can and should get financial help.

Your Job

For some of us, our job defines who we are. It helps us pay the rent or the mortgage, put the kids through school, keep food on the table. A job gives us purpose. If you are incapable of working for a long time, that means you deserve all missed pay. If you can no longer work this job for any reason, that is a life changing event, and you deserve much better compensation.

Your Family
Your family can suffer too. A husband may have to stay home from work to take care of you. You may miss valuable time with your children. You might go through severe financial distress. A major injury changes a family situation greatly. And also, if you and your spouse can no longer have relations, that too is a major life changing event which can hurt you mentally.

Your Pain and Suffering
In personal injury lawsuits, it's odd to say the more pain and suffering you get the more money you get, but that's how it can work. Judges routinely double if not triple settlement numbers if you go through severe pain and suffering. If this is the case, you may be on some strong medicines which change your whole daily routine. In any case, pain and suffering is a major issue; and though it can be harder to prove,with a doctor and lawyer's help you can.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer

The bigger the case, the more need there is for an experienced personal injury lawyer. He or she can do all the ground work and let you focus on your injuries. A lawyer does cost money, but without one, you stand to lose thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. With an effective lawyer, you can prove your case.