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Injured From a Dog Attack in Louisiana

If you have ever been attacked and bitten by a dog, it is something that you will probably never forget. Being attacked and bitten by a dog may cause nightmares for the rest of your life.

What about your injuries

Have you been injured from a dog attack in Louisiana? Are your injuries serious? Are your injuries going to take a long time to recover from? Have you been scarred or disfigured as a result of being injured from a dog attack in Louisiana.?

What you would really like to know is, “Does Louisiana have a “dog bite” law? Can I be compensated for the injuries I sustained from being attacked? Is the dog owner liable for my injuries?”

No dog bite law

Louisiana does have a dog bite law. Louisiana’s dog bite law is different than dog bite laws in some other states.

The State of Louisiana is what is referred to as a strict liability state. There are other states that have what is called a “one bite rule”. What this does, generally speaking, is to grant the owner of the dog what you might think of as “one free bite” for his dog.

In Louisiana, however, if you have been injured from a dog attack, you must prove that the attack could have been avoided by the dog owner. The dog owner is responsible for any injuries that the bite of his dog causes if the dog owner is proven to be negligent. In other words, dogs in Louisiana do not get one free bite.

You may would like to talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a claim because you were injured from a dog attack in Louisiana. Before you do, you need to know that there are some things that may prevent you from filing a dog bite claim. Some of these include:

If you were on someone else’s property unlawfully
If it was a police dog doing military work
If you were provoking or harassing the dog.

If none of the above are true and you believe the dog attack could have been prevented by the dog owner, you may need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. They can help you get the compensation that is rightfully yours for being injured from a dog attack in Louisiana.

More than physical injuries

As mentioned at the beginning, being attacked by a dog is something that may leave you with a lifetime phobia. Injuries from a dog attack in Louisiana may not only result in serious physical injuries, it may also cause you deep and abiding psychological and emotional trauma.

In Louisiana, you may be compensated for things like disability that is brought about by the dog attack, scarring or disfigurement, suffering and pain, income that you lose because of missing work and your medical bills. However, in order to receive adequate compensation for being attacked by a dog in Louisiana, you will need the representation of a personal injury lawyer.

Do not wait. Louisiana does have a statute of limitations. Call, today.

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