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Injured In A Car Accident In Utah? What Are Your Options?

No-fault states provide benefits for drivers regardless of who was responsible for the car accident, but in Utah there are limited tort options. In Utah, a driver who is injured in a car accident which was caused by the negligence of another driver can only sue for non-economic injury if their car accident injuries meet certain personal injury requirements.

  • Medical costs for car accident injuries exceed a specific monetary threshold

  • The driver is permanently impaired

  • The driver is permanently disabled

  • The driver is permanently disfigured

  • Someone dies in the car accident

Medical Costs- The state of Utah allows drivers to sue for non-economic damages or pain and suffering after medical costs have exceeded $3,000. The medical bills must be considered reasonable and be from the car accident injuries. PIP benefits and medical costs threshold are two separate issues. If your PIP coverage exceeds $3,000 it does not have to be exhausted before a car accident law suit can be filed.

Permanent Impairment – This is defined as “an alteration of an individual’s health status or a deviation in a normal body part or organ system and its functioning” as determined by doctor.

Permanent Disability – is considered “the alteration of an individual’s capacity to meet personal, social or occupational demands of their impairment.”

Disfigurement – disfigurement can mean a scar, but there can be great debate on what constitutes “disfigurement”.

Should I hire a Utah personal injury lawyer?

Utah personal injury lawyers understand Utah laws. They can evaluate your non-fault car accident insurance coverage and determine if your car accident injuries meet any of the thresholds to file a law suit for additional compensation.

Car insurance companies make money by limiting the amount they payout for your car accident insurance claim. Personal injury lawyers understand how to negotiate with car insurance companies and can make sure you get the personal injury car accident compensation you deserve.