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Injury From Broken Stairway and Premise Liability Claim

Have you suffered an injury from a broken stairway? Do you realize that you may be entitled to file a claim?

Stairways are necessary inside and outside of buildings that have more than one floor. Even though elevators are wonderful, there are times when they cannot be used for one reason or another. At other times, you may simply want or have to take the stairs.

Serious injury

You may use a stairway so often that you are not prepared for loose handrails, irregular steps, broken stairs or other difficulties that may result in a fall. Falling on a broken stairway can bring about a serious and/or severe injury. This may include:

Head injury
Broken bones
Other kinds of trauma.

One of the problems with a broken stairway is that it is often not obvious or otherwise easily visible. Things like ice or snow may prevent you from seeing a broken stairway on the outside of a building. Poor or inadequate lighting or carpet or other covering may keep you from noticing a broken stairway on the inside of a building.

Did your fall down a broken stairway cause serious injury? Are you wondering whether you can be compensated for your injury? Would you like to know if you have a claim against the owner because of your injury?

Things to consider

There are several things to consider before filing a claim against the owner of the building where you suffered a broken stairway injury. Some of these are:

How serious is your injury? If you only received some minor bumps and bruises, you probably do not have a claim against the building owner. However, if your injury involves things such as, a broken bone, concussion or other head or brain injury, you may certainly want to consider pursuing a lawsuit against the owner of the building.

The age of the stairs.

The design of the stairs

Has age caused the surface of the stairs to become slick

Lighting was poor or inadequate.

If you decide to pursue a claim against the building owner, it falls in a category of law that is referred to as premise liability. Premise liability is law where a person who is the owner of a building or land may be held responsible for some types of injuries that a person suffers who is there in the building or on the land.

A premise liability lawsuit is a type of lawsuit in which you seek to prove that a property owner was negligent, and their negligence was what caused your injury. In this instance, you would be seeking to prove that the building owner was negligent in his care and upkeep of the stairway. Due to his negligence, there was a broken stairway which resulted in you falling and being injured.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who will discuss and evaluate your case with you. A personal injury lawyer will help determine whether you have a strong premise liability case. A person injury lawyer will advise you as to whether a premise liability lawsuit against the owner of the building is the best option to pursue.

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