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Lindsey Lohan Accused of Hit and Run

Actress Lindsey Lohan has been accused of a hit and run. This accusation comes at a particularly bad time for the actress due to the fact that a hit and run would be a violation of her probation that began five years ago after she had two drunk driving convictions.

Lohan’s probation was due to end two years ago. However, her probation was extended because of several probation violations. These include a shoplifting conviction, failed alcohol and drug tests and missed counseling sessions.

In recent days, however, Lindsey Lohan has been meeting all of the probation terms that were set out for her. In fact, she was given a positive probation report last month.

Scheduled to appear before judge on March 29th

Lohan is scheduled to appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner for a final progress report on Thursday, March 29th, at which time she was due to be set free of all of her legal obligations regarding her drunk driving and shoplifting charges. Now, that all may change with this accusation of hit and run.

It has been reported that Lindsey Lohan is freaking out over the fact that it is a very real possibility that she could be sent back to jail. The police report and the accusation could lead Judge Sautner to revoke her probation and send her back to jail.

The alleged incident happened around 12:30 A.M. as Lohan was leaving the Sayers Club  in Hollywood. She was surrounded by paparazzi and club patrons from the Hookah Lounge that was close by.

A heated exchange

It is said that she made a quick turn in her new black Porsche. It just so happened that the club manager was leaving in his car at the same time. Lohan almost hit the club manager’s car. The club manager got out of his car to talk to her about the incident and a heated exchange took place. Lohan then allegedly sped off. As she did so, she allegedly grazed the club manager’s knee and ran over his foot.

One of the club manager’s employees called the police and reported a “traffic collision.” When the police got there, they interviewed people at the scene, as well as the manager of the Hookah Lounge.

It was reported that a police spokesperson said, “There was no evidence of a crime or a hit and run. There was no evidence of a crime.”

Multiple witnesses said that Lohan’s car struck the club manager, but they also insisted that he was not hurt. According to one report, the club manager did not know who Lindsey Lohan was at first. He also told the police and paparazzi that he did not need medical attention.

In Lohan's Twitter account

Later, however, the club manager began complaining that he was injured. It is then reported that he went to an emergency room where he said he planned to press charges.
In an attempt to set the record straight, Lohan wrote in her Twitter account, “Scrape? This is all a complete lie. I’ve been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi,” she tweeted.

One of Lohan’s representatives added, “At no point was there ever any indication that her car hit anyone or anything. We are confident that this matter will be cleared up in the next few days.”