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Maximize Your Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

Pretty much everyone gets into at least one car accident in their life – and “everyone” does include you. What happens after the accident is rather simple: make sure you and the other driver are okay. However, after that, you need to start thinking legally by considering compensation, recording everything you can, and thereby making your personal injury claim successful. Insurance companies will deny you compensation, especially for pain and suffering and anything beyond the basic hospital bills, unless you know how to report your claim. This blog guide shows you how.

Contact Information

Of course, it's common for drivers to exchange information. However, in order to be sure the information exchanged is valid, you should wait for a police officer in most cases. You should at the least get insurance information and contact information if there are witnesses on the scene. If possible, take pictures of what happened to your car immediately, even if you have to wait until later; this can pay off. If you are injured, don't worry so much about these things, especially if you're in pain; but do record any injuries you're experiencing. It will help both you later on and the hospital.

Get Medical Help
If you are injured, don't worry about contact information, insurance claims, and making notes. Instead, focus on yourself. You want an opinion from a doctor before you make any claims, and you want documentation on any injuries you have. In order to maximize your claim, do this immediately or when capable. It will pay off.

Get a Free Consultation

If you're this far, you have a clear strategy when you get into a car accident. Your next step is to contact an experienced lawyer; be sure to contact only personal injury lawyers who offer a free initial consultation. You can do some research and pick one to try, or query several asking the basics. With this initial consultation, you'll get a clear idea of the experience of the lawyer, his or her professionalism, rates, and how much compensation you can actually get. A lawyer is quite often the necessary tool to maximizing your personal injury compensation.

If an Offer is Made

Quite often in personal injury cases you get some offers before you even sue the insurer or company. This is because it actually saves the ones at fault on legal fees. You should never, ever sign a release for compensation too soon. Instead, wait until you are positive you are fully recovered from injuries. Most states give you several years to file a claim, but this is a decision between you and your lawyer. In order to maximize compensation, you need to first be aware of your total injuries.

How to Handle the Case

There are many other ways to maximize a claim, including how you should get all doctor reports and ask for briefs from your doctors on what effects your injuries will have, if temporary or permanent. You should also be aware that just because you have health insurance does not mean you cannot still sue for compensation, therefore getting extra damages.

In any case involving personal injury, your allies are time, patience, and truth. If you've been hurt, even in a minor way, you have a right to compensation in many forms, from the hospital bills to the pain and suffering to the loss of work time and more.