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What if I did not Stop After Having a Car Accident

What if I did not stop after having a car accident? If you are asking this question, it is probably because you did not stop after having a car accident, and you wonder what may happen.

Unfortunately, thousands of car accidents occur each day in the United States, and being involved in one can be a traumatic experience. Even when it is a minor “fender bender,” you may be confused, shocked, shaken, nervous and/or not know what to do.

You had a car accident where you did not stop. You panicked and kept going.


It may be that you were afraid your car insurance might be cancelled or greatly increased. You may have been afraid of getting a ticket from the police. You may have thought there was no reason to stop because neither your car or the other car appeared to be damaged, and you did not think anyone was injured. You may not have understood that the law requires you to stop after a car accident. For whatever reason, you did not stop.

You now know you made a mistake by not stopping, and you are afraid of what may happen to you. Will you be arrested? What you face charges? Will you have to go to jail.


The laws concerning failure to stop after a car accident do vary from one state to another. Because of this, the charges that could be brought against you also vary. Most of the time, the charges you may face are determined by how serious any injuries are that resulted from the car accident and/or how much property damage there is.

If there were no injuries and little or no damage to the other car, there is a chance that nothing will happen. The other driver may not contact their car insurance company or the police. This is especially true if that driver believes the accident was their fault, or they simply do not want to report the accident.


On the other hand, even if the other driver thinks the car accident was their fault, if they were injured and/or their car was damaged significantly, they are probably going to contact their insurance company and the police and tell them that you failed to stop for the accident. They may be able to describe your car, have taken a picture of your car with their cell phone or been able to write down your license plate number.

If the car accident was not your fault, you could still face charges. You may be charged with failure to stop, a traffic ticket, failure to report the accident and/or a misdemeanor.

Severely hurt

If the car accident was your fault and you did not stop, you may be charged with more serious charges. If the other driver was severely hurt and/or their car seriously damaged, you could be charged with felony “hit and run”.

In addition, your car insurance company will find out about the accident. They will probably raise your rates or even cancel your insurance.

The wise thing to do is to talk to a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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