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Nursing home abuse and filing a personal injury claim

Senior citizens represent some of society’s most vulnerable people. Senior citizens in a nursing home are often most commonly abused, neglected or injured because they are unable to easily defend themselves.

Nursing home or assisted living facility abuse can be physical, financial or emotional. No matter what form the abuse or neglect may take, it is always hurtful or damaging.

Unfortunately, nursing home or assisted living facility neglect often goes unnoticed. Even though repeated visits are made to a nursing home or assisted living facility, signs of neglect may remain hidden.

There are several reasons why your loved one may suffer abuse in a nursing home or assisted living facility. A nursing home or assisted living facility owner may try and cut corners by skimping on training or staff.

In many instances, workers in these facilities are overworked, poorly trained and receive low pay. However, some of the worst cases of abuse may occur in nursing home or assisted living facilities which appear well run, professional and clean.

Common types of nursing home abuse

There are many different forms of abuse and/or negligence that may take place. Some of these include:

? Being given the wrong medication or overmedication
? Poor hygiene
? Malnourishment and dehydration
? Bedsores
? Falls

You may have a loved one who has suffered some type of abuse, neglect and/or injury in a nursing home or assisted living facility. You may be outraged, angry or upset that this happened. You also may be trying to decide what to do. You may wonder whether it would do any good to contact a personal injury attorney.

Can an injury attorney help in this situation?

Personal injury lawyers can protect your loved one’s legal rights. An attorney can assist you in getting proper documentation before a nursing home or assisted living facility misplaces it or covers it up. An attorney will also be knowledgeable about the statute of limitations and other unforeseen issues which may prevent you from receiving a just remedy for the abuse, neglect or injury.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home it is time to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Do not delay. Fill out the FREE evaluation form and a personal injury lawyer will contact you to discuss your nursing home abuse claim.