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Personal Injury Claims In Boston

Most states have a traditional tort liability system which assigns fault for a car accident and the at-fault driver’s insurance company compensates the innocent party for damages. Massachusetts, however, is a no-fault state. In Massachusetts drivers receive reimbursements from their own insurance company regardless of who is to blame for the car accident.

If you are injured in Boston, your insurance company automatically pays damages (up to a specified limit) and in exchange, in most cases, you forfeit your right to file a car accident injury law suit or personal injury claim against the other driver. The goal of no-fault insurance is to lower the number of car accident injury lawsuits filed, but critics argue it does not hold drivers accountable for their negligent actions.

Compensation for my car accident injuries

If you are injured in a car accident the insurance company that insured your car pays medical bills up to $2,000. This coverage is part of the compulsory insurance package required for all vehicles in Massachusetts. If your medical costs exceed $2,000, your private health insurance should pay. If you do not have private health insurance a state program may pay up to $8,000 under the personal injury protection section of the policy.

Lost wage compensation may also be provided if you can not return to work due to your car accident injuries. Under personal insurance coverage you may be able to get 75% of the lost wage compensation that you could have earned if you had not been injured. Payment for lost wages may be contingent on whether or not the $8,000 was used for your medical care. Additional coverage may be available if you have purchased additional insurance coverage. A Boston car accident lawyer should be contacted if you have questions regarding your insurance coverage in Boston.

Can I file a car accident claim in Boston?

Massachusetts is considered a modified no-fault state which means your insurance company pays for damages up to a specific limit, but if your economic damages are higher than a specific tort limit, you may be able to file a car accident injury lawsuit to recover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

To file a car accident claim in Boston the driver injured in a car accident must have suffered certain types of car accident injuries or their medical care must have exceeded a certain pre-established amount. A Boston driver who is injured in a car accident may file a car accident injury lawsuit for non-economic compensation such as pain and suffering if the following criteria are met:

* The car accident injury has caused “serious and permanent disfigurement”

* The injured driver has died

* A bone is fractured or a limb is lost

* The car accident victim has lost their ability to taste, hear, smell or see

* The car accident injuries are equal to or more than $2,000

Steps after a car accident in Boston

If you are injured in a car accident you should do the following:

1. Move the cars off the roadway if possible.

2. Check on the other drivers and call 911 if someone is injured in the car accident.

3. Contact the police and file a car accident report.

4. Do not make any statements about guilt for the car accident or any common car accident injuries.

5. Call your insurance agent.

6. Take pictures of the car accident if possible.

7. Gather contact information from the witnesses.

8. Contact a Boston car accident lawyer before accepting any personal injury car accident settlement.

Do I need a Boston car accident lawyer?

A Boston car accident attorney can do a variety of things to make sure you receive the compensation you need for you car accident injuries. A Boston car accident lawyer can:

· Help you get the best medical care for your common car accident injuries

· Obtain evidence from medical experts and witnesses

· Negotiate with the insurance company

· Evaluate your medical records and your car accident injuries

· Investigate your car accident claim

· Review your long-term lost wages, medical needs and finances