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Do I Have a Personal Injury Lawsuit for an IVC Blood Clot Filter

Do I have a personal injury lawsuit for an IVC blood clot filter? You may be asking this question if you have been injured as a result of having an IVC blood clot filter inserted into you.

An IVC (inferior vena cava filter) is a type of vascular filter. It is a medical device that is implanted by interventional radiologists or vascular surgeons in a surgical procedure.

An IVC blood clot filter is inserted into your inferior vena cava, which is a large vein that carries deoxygenated blood from your lower and middle body into the right atrium of your heart. The filter is usually placed right below your kidneys by using a catheter type deployment device.


The purpose of an IVC blood clot filter is to presumably prevent life-threatening pulmonary emboli. These are blood clots that block an artery of your lungs.

The IVC blood clot filter was introduced in 1979. Since that time, its use has continued to increase, so that by 2012, around 259,000 filters had been placed in patients.

Doctors usually recommend the placement of an IVC blood clot filter after a person has had surgery or sustained a serious injury, when the risk of a blood clot is greater. The medical device is used in people who are not able to take a blood thinner due to the risk of uncontrolled bleeding.

There are several kinds of cases where a doctor may recommend the placement of an IVC blood clot filter. These include:

A spinal cord injury
Stabbing or gunshot injuries
Serious falls
Car accident injuries
The diagnosis or treatment of cancer
Emergency or voluntary surgeries
Dialysis treatment.

As mentioned earlier, an IVC blood clot filter is inserted into your inferior vena cava by means of a catheter through a small incision in your groin or neck. The filter looks like a metal cage, and its metal wires trap and capture blood clots before they can get to your lungs.

Some people have a permanent IVC blood clot filter. Other people, such as surgery patients, have a retrievable filter inserted that is taken out after a short period of time.

The problem is that several side effects have been associated with these filters. One thing is that they are prone to breaking. According to a Safety Communication from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these filters are prone to breaking and migration, resulting in the movement of pieces of the filter through the blood. These pieces may puncture veins or internal organs, causing internal bleeding and other serious side effects that can be life-threatening.


Manufacturers C.R. Bard and Cook Medical are at the center of IVC blood clot filter lawsuits. Various lawsuits have alleged negligence, design defects, manufacturing defects, failure to warn, breach of implied warranty and negligent misrepresentation on the part of the companies and their subsidiaries.

What this all means is that you may indeed have a personal injury lawsuit for being injured by an IVC blood clot filter. The wise thing to do is to talk to a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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