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Questions to Ask Your Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you suffer a serious injury in Michigan, you may wonder where to start. Well, first off, you need to get better. Then you need to consult with an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer. Where do you start when hiring an experienced lawyer? You consult with a good number of them, from 5-10, and then start asking some questions. Now let's go over what questions you should ask any personal injury lawyer when hurt in a Michigan accident.

What is your background?

This is a basic question to get you started going over the experience of the lawyer. You want to know his or her education, how many cases have been handled, how long the lawyer has practiced law, how many personal injury cases are taken each year, just to get an idea of the lawyers history. This gives you a good idea of how professional they are, how successful, and how they can help you.

What is your court room experience?
Court room experience is always crucial in personal injury cases. True, most personal injury cases end far before court, but you have to be ready to go to court. And an experienced lawyer will be ready. You want to know more than how many cases have been handled: you might also ask how many cases have been won and what kind of deals were made. Also, negotiating experience is important, and will be crucial in getting your case over with before court even occurs. A good negotiator can come up with a settlement so you have no delays in court and can move on.

What is your approach to court room law?
All lawyers have a certain philosophy when it comes to negotiating in and out of court. You want to find this style and see if it's applicable to your case. You might find out a lawyer is fairly aggressive, or easy to negotiate with, or is a hard sell and wants to go to court to maximize damages. These all have advantages and disadvantages. The only thing that is important is that you win.

Do you have time to spend on this case?
You obviously do not want a lawyer with no experience, but neither do you want a lawyer who has dozens of ongoing cases and barely any time to get started. If a lawyer is overbooked, keep looking. You can often tell in your first meeting. Their schedule is full and they seem overworked. If they have no time to spend on your case, or want to refer it to an assistant, remember there are other lawyers capable of handling your case.

What are your fees?
Money is the bottom line. However, you will find many experienced Michigan personal injury lawyers willing to work on the “no win, no fee” philosophy, where nothing is paid if you lose. If you go to court and fail to gain a settlement, you pay nothing to the lawyer. On the other hand, if you negotiate and win, or win in court, you will have to pay a percentage of the fee to the lawyer. You can also pay on hourly or a flat fee, but the “no win, no fee” philosophy is much better.
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