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Shaken Baby Syndrome and a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The birth of a beautiful baby is one of the most joyous and wonderful events that take place in our world. The joy and delight a new baby brings is truly awesome and wonderful. To think of any kind of tragedy happening to that new baby is unthinkable.

Sadly and unfortunately, tragedies do take place involving babies. One of those tragedies is when someone shakes your baby or toddler and causes shaken baby syndrome.

Shaken baby syndrome is a serious brain injury that is brought about by forcefully shaking a baby or toddler. Shaken baby syndrome destroys a baby or toddler’s brain cells and keeps the baby or toddler’s brain from receiving a sufficient amount of oxygen. Shaken baby syndrome is a type of child abuse that can cause permanent brain damage or death.

Known by other names

Shaken baby syndrome is known by other names. It is also referred to as inflicted head injury, whiplash shake syndrome, abusive head trauma and shaken impact syndrome.

A baby’s neck muscles are weak, and babies have to struggle most of the time to support their heavy heads. The fragile brain of a baby moves back and forth inside of its skull when it is forcefully shaken. The result is swelling, bleeding and bruising.

A baby is usually forcefully shaken by a caregiver, parent or some other adult out of anger or frustration because the baby will not stop crying. Shaken baby syndrome does not usually result from minor falls, rough play or bouncing your baby on your knee.

There are several signs and symptoms that may indicate that your baby has shaken baby syndrome. They include:

Poor eating
Extreme irritability
Problems staying awake
Difficulty breathing
Bluish or pale skin

There are other signs and symptoms of shaken baby syndrome that are not outwardly visible. These may include:

Damage to your baby’s neck and spinal cord
Fractures of your baby’s skull, ribs and bones
Bleeding in your baby’s eye and brain.

Your baby may look as if it is normal in mild instances of shaken baby syndrome. However, over a period of time, your baby may have learning, behavior or health difficulties that result from being forcefully shaken.

If your baby has been forcefully shaken and you are concerned that he or she may have shaken baby syndrome, you need to have your baby examined by medical specialists. There are diagnostic tests that can detect injuries that your baby may have sustained. Some of these are:

An eye exam (ophthalmologic exam)
Blood tests
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
Skeletal survey
Computerized tomography scan (CT scan).

Obviously, tests and treatment require insurance or money that you may not have. If you believe that someone is responsible for your baby’s shaken baby syndrome, you need to contact a personal injury attorney who will fight for you and your baby and file a personal injury lawsuit against the party who is responsible. A personal injury lawsuit may be your only recourse for recovering financial expenses and getting justice for your baby.