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Should I Pursue a Vaginal Mesh Personal Injury Lawsuit

Should I pursue a vaginal mesh personal injury lawsuit? If you are asking this question, it is probably because you had a vaginal mesh surgical procedure and suffered complications and injuries as a result of the procedure.

It is a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you if you have been injured and suffered complications as a result of having a vaginal mesh procedure. A personal injury attorney will assist you in finding out if you are eligible for compensation.

Surgical procedure

Vaginal mesh is a net-like implant that is placed into a woman by a doctor as a surgical procedure. There are four kinds of vaginal mesh. They are absorbable synthetics, animal tissues, non-absorbable polypropylene or polyester or combinations of those just listed.

Vaginal mesh is considered to be a medical device. This is because it is inserted into your body during a surgical procedure while you are under an anesthetic.

The procedure involves incisions that are made inside of your vagina. The incisions are made stronger by stitches. The vaginal mesh gives support to your vagina and is located under the skin of your vagina.

Pelvic sling

Vaginal mesh is used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in women. The treatment is known as a pelvic sling or a bladder sling.

The ligaments and muscles supporting your pelvic organs can weaken. Then, your pelvic organs can slip out of place (prolapse). In order to reinforce your weakened abdominal wall, vaginal mesh can be implanted. The procedure may be done through your vagina, meaning it is transvaginal. Or, the surgery may be performed through your abdomen, meaning it is transabdominal.

Stress urinary incontinence refers to the unintentional loss of urine that results from some type of activity or movement, such as running, sneezing, heavy lifting or coughing. When this occurs, pressure is placed on your bladder. Vaginal mesh is implanted through your vagina to support your bladder neck or urethra.

Serious injuries

The problem is that there can be serious injuries and complications that result from a vaginal mesh surgical procedure. In fact, in 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned of potentially serious complications that were associated with the implantation of vaginal mesh. Now, in 2016, the FDA has changed its classification of vaginal mesh from a moderate-risk medical device to a high-risk medical device.

Here are some of the possible, serious injuries and complications that may result from having a vaginal mesh procedure. They include:

Urinary problems
Pain during intercourse
Extreme pain
A perforated bladder
Erosion into the vagina
Perforated blood vessels or a perforated bowl
Vaginal scarring
Pelvic organ prolapse
Organ perforation.

To make matters worse, many of the complications and injuries just mentioned require additional treatment, which includes surgery or the possibility of multiple surgeries.

Again, if you have had a vaginal mesh surgical procedure and have experienced complications and injuries as a result of that procedure, you may be entitled to compensation. The right thing to do is to contact a personal injury attorney and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

Article written by James Shugart

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