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Stabbed Golfer May Need Leg Amputated

Carpenter thinks of himself as an avid skier. He has run four marathons. However, even though he survived the harrowing experience, Carpenter says that the game of golf is the one thing that he will miss the most, as it appears like he will never play again. In addition to this, Carpenter may still have to have his right leg amputated at some point in the future.

It happened on Friday, January 27, 2012, about 3:30 in the afternoon. It was a story that made headlines around the world. An incident involving the gentleman’s game of golf. Something happened that is unthinkable in this gentleman’s game. One minute a man is playing golf. Moments later, he is having a near death experience.

Clay Carpenter and two friends were playing golf at the Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake. Carpenter says that he was having a pretty good round when they got to the 13th hole. At that point they had caught up with a group of four golfers.

The course marshal told Carpenter and his two friends to “play through.” For those of you who are not familiar with the game of golf and golf terminology, this means that the four golfers would let Carpenter and his two friends play the hole while they wait.

Carpenter said that one of the four golfers waived for them to hit, and they all three hit their golf balls. That is when the trouble began.

Carpenter said one of the four men came at them cursing and yelling. The man and Carpenter began arguing with one another.

The man had a golf club in his hand. It was a putter. Carpenter says that the man swung the club at his head. Carpenter stuck his hand up, and the golf club broke his thumb.

What happened next is a blur for Carpenter. One of his friends told him that he had been stabbed. His golf shoes were filling up with blood, and he passed out.

The golf club punctured a femoral artery. As paramedics came to the 13th hole, friends were doing what they could to help Carpenter.

Carpenter says that he had a near death experience. Something that he had only read about.

He remembers the prayer that he prayed. He says, “I was asking the Lord to save me and to help me because I knew I was going to leave them. And I knew my parents and my sister and all them, you know, things were fixing to change for everyone.”

The incident is the focus of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. Up to now, no one has been arrested. There are no charges that have been filed against anyone. This is because investigators are still in the process of discovering whether Carpenter was accidentally injured or intentionally stabbed.

Kevin Edwards, Carpenter’s attorney, says, “The people that saw the assailant did see the club in the guy’s hand.” The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has not yet released the name of this man to the public.