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Teenager Killed by Remote Control Helicopter

On Thursday, September 5, 2013, a teenager was killed by a remote control helicopter. The teenager was a remote control helicopter enthusiast.

The accident took place in Brooklyn, New York in Calvert Vaux Park. The park permits remote control helicopters to be operated in designated areas. The park also features basketball courts, baseball diamonds and a playground

The victim was a 19 year old teenager, Roman Pirozek Jr.. The teenager was flying his remote control helicopter near a busy parkway in the park.

The Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club flies it aircraft from a field in the park. Pirozek’s father, Roman Pirozek is a vice president of the club.

Killed by the blades

The police said that initial reports suggest that the teenager was killed by the blades of the helicopter, which struck Pirozek in the head and neck. Later reports said that the blades of the remote control helicopter sliced off part of the teenager’s skull and slashed his throat. The police added that they did not suspect that any criminal act was involved in the death of the teenager.

Paramedics worked desperately to save the life of the teenager as horrified onlookers watched, including his father. Despite the efforts of the paramedics, it is believed that Pirozek died instantly in the accident.

The police did not immediately release the make and model of the helicopter that the teenager was flying. However, a YouTube video was posted in July by someone who was named Roman Pirozek Jr.. A T-Rex 700N DFC remote control helicopter is shown fling around in lateral and vertical jolts in the video.

World recognized aerobatic flyer

As it turns out, Pirozek was a world-recognized aerobatic flyer, who had put his T-Rex 700N DFC remote control helicopter through a series of remarkable tricks. One of the tricks involves dropping the $1,500 helicopter out of the sky by turning off the engines and then restarting them again just before the helicopter hits his head.

Police told the Wall Street Journal that Mr. Pirozek “was known to be aggressive in his flying and often executed tricks.” The police added that “he was executing a trick when he was struck.”

Rich Hanson, spokesman for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a membership group of hobbyists, which is based in Muncie, Indiana, said that this particular make is on the larger side of remote control helicopters. He said that the helicopter could go up to 60 mph and has a wingspan of almost four and one half feet. However, Hanson said that this model was mainly used for tricky, acrobatic maneuvers.

Difficult to operate

Hanson added, “Flying a RC helicopter is one of the more difficult aircraft to operate. There are really two common reasons one might go out: pilot error or equipment failure.”

According to Hanson, the death of the teenager is likely only the second death ever brought about by a remote control helicopter in the United States. He said that several years ago in Texas, an instructor was killed by a remote control helicopter when the student that he was teaching lost control of it.

Pirozek lived in Woodhaven, Queens. He was a graduate of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, New York.

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