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What are some examples of Personal Injuries?

Personal injury claims can cover a wide array of injuries. For example, if you have been injured from the intentional, unintentional or negligent actions of another person and you can prove you have suffered injury or loss, you may be entitled to compensation.

Consider all the ways that the negligence or the intentional actions of another person can hurt others: medical malpractice, car accident injuries, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, nursing home injuries, birth injuries, premise liability cases, trucking accidents, prescription medications and product liability claims.

For each of these different types of injury claims, assuming you can prove the elements of your claim, you may win compensation for your personal injuries including the cost of medical care, lost wage compensation, property replacement costs and compensation for pain and suffering.

How Can I win my Personal Injury Claim?

Not all injuries are personal injury cases. Compensation for a personal injury case can only be won by proving certain elements of your injury case. Talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information, but generally, you must prove the following:

• First you must prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care.
• Next you must prove that the defendant failed to meet their duty and it was this failure of duty or negligence which was the proximate cause of your personal.
• Finally, you must prove that you have suffered actual loss from your personal injuries. Actual loss can be pain and suffering, but more often it is the cost of medical care or property replacement costs.

Most injury cases can be settled with the defendant’s insurance company, in fact, for car accident injuries some states do not allow the plaintiff to file a car accident claim unless either the seriousness of the injury or the cost of the personal injury reaches a minimum pre-established threshold.

Other claims such as a premise liability claim may be negotiated with the property owner’s homeowner’s insurance company. Consider, however, that the goal of the insurance company may be to settle the claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Large insurance companies also have lawyers who work to negotiate claims.

If you have been severely injured or the cost of the claim is high, talk to a personal injury lawyer prior to negotiating a personal injury settlement.

What types of claims do personal injury attorneys fight?

There are a variety of personal injury cases that a personal injury lawyer can review. Many personal injury lawyers specialize in certain types of cases. Find a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with negotiating your specific type of claim. Personal injuries can help with the following cases:

• Wrongful death
• Car accidents
• Airplane crashes
• Product liability
• Slips and falls
• Animal attacks
• Brain injuries
• Bike and pedestrian collisions
• Trucking accidents
• Head and brain injuries
• Pedestrian accidents
• Neck and spinal cord injuries
• Medical malpractice
• Boat accidents
• Construction accidents and OSHA violations
• Blindness