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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury law can get complicated, especially when both sides disagree. In the majority of personal injury lawsuits, the defendant denies being at fault. Because of this, and because personal injury settlements can be quite high, it's important to hire a personal injury lawyer. Why do you need one? How exactly does a personal injury lawyer help you?

Why hire a lawyer?
Personal injury law can be very complex, especially in wrongful death cases, and you'll need an experienced personal injury lawyer. His or her job is to walk you through the steps to winning. However, he or she is also your source for whether or not this claim will work; it may be impossible to prove someone else is at fault for the accident.

How do they help?
An experienced lawyer handles the court process for you. They go over the laws involved, explain if you have a case, and note how much you should try to win. Quite often a personal injury lawyer will take his pay from your settlement or claim, not from your pocket. This gives them more incentive to only take on cases they can win. If one is willing to represent you, often that means you have a winnable case.

What happens before court?
Before court even begins, usually you'll get some settlement offers. If you have a strong case for fault, about 95% of the time the other side will try to pay you without going to court. This is because lawyer fees can skyrocket for defendants, and they would rather settle out of court since it's cheaper. Also, your lawyer will be helping you make a case that can win in trial. His or her job will be one of proving fault by bringing in witnesses, experts, and other evidence to help prove your case.

What happens in court?
In court, your lawyer will be explaining what really happened, proving this accident has caused you great pain by showing proof of medical problems, questioning any witnesses and also experts, while also trying to interpret the laws. The point here is to give you compensation. For example, if you were in a very bad car accident with a company truck which ran a red light, you would want your medical costs covered, pain and suffering issues to be compensated, any lost job time to be compensated for, and a variety of other issues.

How much will it cost?

As noted earlier, most personal injury lawyers take a portion of your settlement money. If you lose, they get nothing. This is the normal process. Some may prefer you pay them, but be careful in going ahead in this manner unless you are sure you can win. If you are unsure of how to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, base it on actual court room experience, not the rate they charge. Fees vary, and you of course don't want the lawyer to take too large a cut of your case, so be sure to consult with several and ask for rates before making a decision.