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Who Do You Hire When You're At Fault for an Accident?

When you get into any kind of car accident, it can be scary enough just wondering if you, a loved one, or the other driver are hurt. However it occurred, you need to be aware of the laws when it comes fault, mainly for police and insurance reasons. If you're at fault for an accident, it's quite important to hire the right personal injury lawyer. You may believe you're at fault when in fact the laws state no one is at fault, or that the other driver made a mistake you are unaware of. You just don't know until you go over the details with your lawyer.

If There is an Injury
If either you or someone else is hurt, the last thing on your mind is handling police reports and insurance companies. Make sure you are both fine, that no other drivers were involved, that no pedestrians were hurt, and that any others in the car are okay too.

What To Do

In most cases, injuries are minor if there are any. While traffic accidents are very dangerous, sometimes it's just a matter of car damage. You need to know what exactly happened, and it's best to start asking these questions immediately. What caused the accident? Who made a mistake? If you were hurt, how so? If the other driver made the mistake, what exactly happened? If you were somehow at fault, what exactly did you do? These can be hard to pinpoint if you wait too long, so it's smart to carry a pen and pad in your car so you can write down what exactly happened. This can influence the police report and solve insurance issues.

You May Not be At Fault

If you were at fault, that does not always mean you will have to pay. Some states have the “no fault” law for insurance companies. Other states are different. The police report is the final statement on what caused the accident and who was at fault. In many cases, you may think you made a mistake, but did not. For example, in the great majority of cases where you turn left at a light and get into an accident, it's the other drivers fault.

How a Lawyer Helps

Yes, this can get complicated, and no blog guide can go over all the details. Whether you were at fault or not, a personal injury lawyer is a must. If you were hurt, you will need help in getting insurance payments. If the other driver is at fault and you or a loved one suffered a major injury, a lawyer can ensure you get the proper compensation. A lawyer can also educate you on the laws.

How to Hire a Lawyer

So you need a lawyer, but who do you hire? This can be a big learning experience, and sometimes not a happy one if you choose the cheapest lawyer. In order to get real help in personal injury and traffic collision cases, you need to consider far more than one lawyer a friend refers or the cheapest you find online. You want a personal injury lawyer experienced in local courts, who has a proven ability to get proper compensation, and who is within your price range. While some charge more than others, in many cases if you're filing a lawsuit for compensation you pay only out of the money from the settlement.