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Who Will Work on my Personal Injury Case

You have been injured and have suffered damages due to the negligence of another party. This may be a person, persons or company.

You feel like you have a right to be compensated for your injuries. You believe that you should be entitled to recover damages from the party that is responsible for them. You feel like the party or parties responsible for your personal injuries should be held accountable.

You decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. You realize it is almost never a good idea to try and handle this yourself. So, you hire a personal injury attorney to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit.

Who will do the work

The thing that you would like to know is, “Who will work on my personal injury case? Will the personal injury attorney that I have hired be the one who will work on my case? Or, will a paralegal or other legal assistants be the ones who are actually working on my case?”

The answer to this important question will vary from one personal injury attorney to another. It may often depend on the size of the law firm that you hire to handle your case.

For example, if you hire a personal injury attorney who is practicing alone, without partners, he or she will probably be the one who is working on your case. He or she will likely be the one who negotiates with the other side, and he or she is the one who handles your case in court, if it goes to court.


However, even though a personal injury attorney is practicing alone, that attorney will likely have a certified paralegal, legal assistant or other professional who will help do some of the work on your case. How much of the work may depend on how large a caseload that your personal injury attorney has.

If you hire a small law firm to represent you, your case will probably not be assigned to a claims manager or file handler. It will probably be an attorney who is assisted by a certified paralegal and other professionals who work directly on your case. In negotiations with the party that you are bringing the personal injury lawsuit against, it will likely be your attorney, rather than a paralegal, who handles this.

If you hire a large law firm to take your personal injury case, your case may be assigned to a case manager and legal assistant who will have the responsibility of staying up-to-date on any and all of the updates and procedures in reference to your case. However, your case manager and other legal assistants will be working along side of an attorney who has your case.

In court

An important point for you to remember is that if your case goes to court, it does not matter whether you are being represented by an attorney who is practicing alone, a small law firm or a large law firm, it will be an attorney who represents you in court. A paralegal is not permitted to give legal advice or represent you in a court of law.